Support for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is available from Flexiant and the community of its users, and it just got even better. We have two support plans in addition to our standard plan, have published prices and are including immediate access to technical support for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for our two new plans.

Complete Cloud Services Solution

Flexiant provides around the clock support services for Flexiant products and now provides three levels of commercial support offerings for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator: Standard, Premium and Premium Plus. All permit you to report your support issues to our confidential customer support portal.

You can choose between any of the three plans and can change or upgrade your plan at any time. Regardless of which support tier you select, we will provide the support necessary to resolve any issues regarding the installation, operation and use of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. You will receive a login to allow you to access Flexiant technical support upon registering for your Flexiant user ID in the right hand pane.

What’s in the Plan?

All plans provide support for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator product. We can help you install, configure and understand our product features and get you up and running as quickly as possible. We expect you have support in hand for the hardware, storage and hypervisor that your Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator installation uses.


All Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator customers are automatically entitled to receive our free Standard support. Customers receive immediate 24×7 access to the support portal and our technical knowledge base. Also you get access to 1-on-1-email support from our technical team to help with any issues during our local business hours and have access to our familiarization training.


In addition to everything you get in the Standard Plan, this plan gives you priority over other support requests, available 24×7 by phone or email for urgent issues as well as the ability to raise an unlimited number of calls in a month.

Pricing is set at 10% of the monthly list price of your Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator cores (with a minimum of $100 per month).

Premium Plus

This plan includes all of the components of Standard and Premium support, along with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, monthly service reviews and a bundle of professional services days to help with installation, configuration or other operational tasks
to ensure Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator services and features are serving your business requirements. The number of professional services days available depend on how many cores you have committed to per month:

  • Up to 150 cores, 1 day per year
  • 151 to 500 cores, 3 days per year
501 cores upwards, 5 days per year

Pricing is set at a 15% of the monthly list price of your Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator cores (with a minimum of $200 per month).


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