What is possible with FCO v4

Integration plugins enable Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to directly talk to external solutions via APIs or other systems to enable tightly integrated capabilities between platforms, enabling Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to deliver additional value through the existing tools you use. All of our plugins are created with an open source (Apache 2.0) license and is not included in our support packages but are offered to service providers free of charge.


Mixpanel is an analytics tool that helps further develop web and mobile applications. Mixpanel gives you the ability to measure any action a customer takes in your application. It helps you do understand users behaviour by tracking the way they interact and engage with applications. Mixpanel performs all of their data analysis in real-time.

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Ducksboard is a SaaS based dashboard tool which is great for showing dynamic data in a clear and precise way. This plugin allows you to automatically send data in real time to Ducksboard including new customer counts, total servers running, and invoices raised, and can be easily expanded if required.

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Twilio is a powerful voice and SMS integration system, enabling you to make or recieve text messages and voice calls. This plugin enables you to easily send SMS/Text notifications if errors occur within the Flexiant platform to enable you to respond quickly.

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Hipchat is a easy to use instant messaging service designed for team communication. This plugin makes it easy to send important notifications and updates from your Flexiant platform to a Hipchat channel as required. Flexiant uses Hipchat internally for messaging but also for updates from our source control and other systems to let everyone easily track what work is being done.

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Zendesk is an advanced customer support tool used by thousands of companies worldwide for managing their customers and their issues. This plugin enables you to automatically create tickets including priority, queue and context setting for different customers based on events occuring within your Flexiant platform.

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Loggly is a SaaS based log analytics service which has powerful capabilities including monitoring, alerting and trend detection. This plugin allows you or your customers to automatically send all relevant events, API calls, user authentications etc to Loggly for more detailed analysis.

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Server Density

ServerDensity is a powerful SaaS based monitoring service allowing you to easily monitor your services and applications. This plugin makes it simple to easily add and manage your servers on a on demand basis as required.

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Zapier is a powerful tool for managing the flow of data and information between multiple systems with over 100 different possible integrations. This plugin makes it possible to send relevant notifications and updates from your Flexiant platform to Zapier and on to your other services as required.

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Mailchimp is a powerful SaaS tool for managing e-mail lists, subscriptions and lots more. This plugin enables you to add customers to different lists for targetting purposes based on the actions they take within the platform, e.g creating their first server or deploying their first blueprint.

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