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What is possible with FCO v5

Developer Zone

With the release of V5.0 of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, Flexiant introduced a major new feature that fundamentally changes both how our software can be used and built upon, and that was our new Plugins feature.  Plugins are built using the Flexiant Development Language, which is built upon the popular open source language Lua along with some helper classes we have added to it.

Put simply, we have enabled third parties (our customers, developers, other cloud companies) to build very simple plugins to enable our platform to tightly integrate with their solutions, and/or change the way our platform itself behaves.

Plugins can be used to trigger and be triggered by all kinds of events within the Flexiant platform, a brief overview of it’s capabilities are listed below:

Can be triggered by:

  • Resources being created, modified or deleted
  • Internal exceptions/errors being raised
  • On a scheduled basis
  • A payment, purchase or customer transaction being processed
  • A job changing status
  • A customer account being activated
  • A server status being changed
  • An invoice cycle running
  • A billing cycle running or;
  • Any API call

Custom Flexiant Development Language code than then be run, which amongst other things can then:

  • Send an e-mail
  • Make a HTTP Call and process the response if required
  • Make any User or Admin API call
  • Write an entry into the syslog
  • Run a local executable
  • Read or write to a file
  • Manipulate XML and JSON

Which can then be used to integrate into existing systems, or modify the behaviour of the Flexiant platform itself.

As you can see, FDL has very powerful capabilities built in.  Examples of existing plugins are available from Integrations or Customizations, and more detailed technical documentation is available from our dedicated documentation site.

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