What is possible with FCO v4

Customization plugins allow a service provider to customize and extend their platform to deliver a differentiated service and offer additional value to end users. All of our plugins are created with an open source (Apache 2.0) license and is not included in our support packages but are offered to service providers free of charge.

Pre-set Unit Warning Alert

When creating customers this trigger will set a unit warning level without you having to manually add the level.

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Auto Server Failover

Do you want to ensure your services are back up and running asap following an issue with your VM?

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Login Alerting

Want to know when new users are activated or log in for the first time. This plugin easily enables you to recieve notifications for this.

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Scheduled Snapshot Creation

This customization plugin enables you to easily take snapshots of any servers or disks on a scheduled basis to enable you to easily roll them back at any point as required.

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This plugin allows you to easily manage trial accounts that are automatically closed after a period of time if the user hasn't converted into a customer.

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This plugin allows you to reduce VM Sprawl by ensuring Virtual Machines automatically shut down, and eventually get deleted if they aren't actively managed.

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Boot Delay

When booting up multiple servers at once, do you need the ability to automatically delay the starting time to ensure the services come online in the right order? This plugin enables exactly that.

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Firewall Creation

This plugin allows you to automatically create and apply a deny all firewall template to servers as they are created, so you can be sure that newly created servers aren't accidentally left exposed.

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Auto Start Server

This plugin allows you to set servers to be automatically started when they are created if required, enabling you and your customers to get up and running even quicker.

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