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What is possible with FCO v5


With the release of V5.0 of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, Flexiant introduced a major new feature that fundamentally changes both how our software can be used and the ease with which 3rd party solutions can be integrated with Flexiant.

One of the key challenges for service providers wishing to differentiate is the choice between using an off the shelf solution with limited differentiation capabilities, and building something themselves that can take far longer than expected and require skills not always available in house. We believe there is a third way, which is having a solid and mature core platform, with a series of plugins to then modify that platform to suit you and your customers requirements.

Equally, the ability for service providers to be able to offer a wide range of services and functionality, above and beyond just virtual infrastructure, is absolutely key. By making it very easy to integrate third party and other more advanced solutions, Flexiant’s plugin system enables service provider to easily deliver a tightly integrated valuable proposition, enabling service providers to grow both their revenue, margin and markets.

Flexiant is developing plugins on an ongoing basis for a variety of use cases and integrations, but it is also easily possible for customers and third parties to modify or even create their own plugins to suit their needs.  All of our plugins are created with an open source (Apache 2.0) license and are not included in our support packages but are offered to service providers free of charge.

As we continue to develop the plugin capability no other cloud orchestration and management solution will arm service providers to the extent available through Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.


The problem Flexiant solves

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is designed to easily enable service providers to build cloud services businesses. To achieve that, we have a key focus on automation, orchestration, metering and management of services. Traditionally that has been focussed on Infrastructure (IaaS) but we have also been building additional functionality such as our application blueprinting technology Bento Boxes.

However, there is a wide range of services, features and functionality that can now be consumed on top of infrastructure, and Flexiant intends to be the key enabler in this, by enabling the cloud ecosystem to take advantage of it’s automation, orchestration, metering and management capabilities with their services. This then equally allows service providers to deliver a complete range of services, not just infrastructure.

About plugins

Best of Breed Ecosystem

Best of Breed Ecosystem
There is a wide range of potential services that can deliver additional value when integrated with a solution like Flexiant’s enabling the following use cases:

– SPs being able to sell a wider range of services
– ISVs being able to gain additional routes to market
– Customers being able to manage all their requirements from one consistent interface

Flexiant’s mission is to bring these parties together through it’s plugin capabilities to open up new capabilities and markets to those involved.

Best of breed

Examples of Plugins that could be used with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator


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