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Zapier is a powerful tool for managing the flow of data and information between multiple systems with over 100 different possible integrations. This plugin makes it possible to send relevant notifications and updates from your Flexiant platform to Zapier and on to your other services as required.

Use Cases/Scenarios

  • When a user signs up, or logs in for the first time, sending a Web Hook to trigger a Zap to Hubspot to Create or Update the relevant contact
  • If a user tries to start a server and it fails, if it still hasn't been successfully started a time period later, automatically initiate a call to them using Call Drip
  • Add a task to Asana to call a customer up, a week after they have started using the Flexiant platform.

To Activate the Plugin

  1. Download from the link above [right click save as].
  2. Install via the Admin Control Panel of your Flexiant Install, instructions for this are available from: here
  3. If you haven’t already done so, register with Zapier at here.
  4. When creating your Zap in Zapier, ensure it’s triggered by a Web hook, and take a note of the unique address given
  5. Add the following information as Keys:
Key Type Resource Key Name Value
Billing Entity Key Billing Entity ZAPIER_WEB_HOOK_URL [Full zapier URL Web Hook]

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