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Twilio is a powerful voice and SMS integration system, enabling you to make or recieve text messages and voice calls. This plugin enables you to easily send SMS/Text notifications if errors occur within the Flexiant platform to enable you to respond quickly.

Use Cases/Scenarios

  • Automatic SMS/text messages to alert based on job failures (for the service provider or end user)
  • Notification of logins to particular customer accounts for security purposes (for the service provider or end user)
  • Notification of events happening within the platform (e.g if a customer is running low on credit it can SMS/text them)

To Activate the Plugin

  1. Download from link above (right click and select save file)
  2. Install via the Admin Control Panel of your Flexiant Install, instructions for this are available from here.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, register here.
  4. You can find your API credentials in the Developer Tools section of your Twilio Dashboard.
  5. Add the following information as Keys to each Customer who wishes to use it
Key Type Resource Key Name Value
Customer Key Customer TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID [Your Twilio SID]
Customer Key Customer TWILIO_ACCOUNT_TOKEN [Your Twilio Account Token]
Customer Key Customer TWILIO_TO_NUMBER [Number to which notification will sent]
Customer Key Customer TWILIO_FROM_NUMBER [One of the registered numbers on Twilio from which SMS will be sent]

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