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Loggly is a SaaS based log analytics service which has powerful capabilities including monitoring, alerting and trend detection. This plugin allows you or your customers to automatically send all relevant events, API calls, user authentications etc to Loggly for more detailed analysis.

Use Cases/Scenarios

  • Alerting based on failure trends (e.g if multiple disk creates fail in a period of time), increasing service levels if used by the Platform operator.
  • Ability to analyse usage patterns and audit for security or budgetary purposes (if used by the Customer).

To Activate the Plugin

  1. Download from the link above [right click, save as].
  2. Install via the Admin Control Panel of your Flexiant Install, instructions for this are available from here
  3. If you haven’t already done so, register with Loggly here: here
  4. Get your Loggly Token by logging in to Loggly, going to the “Source Setup” section and then the “Customer Tokens” subsection.
  5. Add the following information as Key on each Customer wishing to use it.
Key Type Resource Key Name Value
Billing Entity Key Billing Entity LOGGLY_CUSTOMER_TOKEN [Your LOGGLY Customer API token]

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