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Hipchat is a easy to use instant messaging service designed for team communication. This plugin makes it easy to send important notifications and updates from your Flexiant platform to a Hipchat channel as required. Flexiant uses Hipchat internally for messaging but also for updates from our source control and other systems to let everyone easily track what work is being done.

Use Cases/Scenarios

  • Notification of new customer signups
  • Notification of job failures
  • Alerting to deployment of particular application configurations or images for tracking or provisioning purposes
  • Notification of firewall changes for security purposes

To Activate the Plugin

  1. Download from the link above [right click and save as].
  2. Install via the Admin Control Panel of your Flexiant Install, instructions for this are available from here
  3. If you haven’t already done so, register with Hipchat here .
  4. Get your Hipchat Administrator Token here.
  5. Retrieve the room token that you want to send notifications to by logging into your Hipchat Account and accessing Rooms > Specific Room > Tokens
  6. Add the following information as Keys:
Key Type Resource Key Name Value
Customer Key Customer HIPCHAT_API_TOKEN [Your HipChat API Token (Administrator one)]
Customer Key Customer HIPCHAT_ROOM_ID [ID of the room where notifications should be sent]

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