Odin FAQs

Odin FAQs

What is the relationship between Flexiant and Odin?

Flexiant and Odin have signed an agreement in February 2014 that enables Odin to fully resell Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to its existing and new customer base. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software licenses can now be provided by Odin, while support for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator will continue to be delivered exclusively by Flexiant.

How do Odin and Flexiant fit together?

Flexiant has been selected by Odin as the leading CMP (Cloud Management Platform) to enable service providers to launch IaaS clouds. Flexiant will add value to the Odin product portfolio by providing cloud orchestration across multiple hypervisors and data centres, while delivering a true Pay-As-You-Go billing model with advanced application deployment capabilities. Flexiant can now count on a larger organization to go- to- market with, with its established customer base of more than 10,000 organizations and a recognized brand in the telco and hosting industries.

How does Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator integrate with Odin products

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator integrates with both Odin Automation and Odin Cloud Server. Flexiant and Odin have developed a certified APS2 package that enables the Odin Automation (PA) storefront to offer and provision products that are delivered by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Virtual cloud credits (units) and resource pools can be purchased by customers and resources can be consumed using the PA control panel, or directly through Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator for advanced deployment capabilities.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator also supports Odin Cloud Server (PCS) as one of its hypervisors, with the ability to create both containers and virtual machines using the advanced API of Odin Cloud Server.

How can I buy Odin and Flexiant combined products?

Ask your Odin account manager or get in touch with the Flexiant sales team.

Does Flexiant have an APS2 package?

Flexiant released our APS2 package in July 2014 allowing the ability to purchase cloud infrastructure through the PA storefront and control panel. Virtual servers can also be created and managed directly within PA, while the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator control panel will be available to complete more advanced tasks.

The Flexiant and Odin APS2 package has been developed to deliver the best set of functionalities to enable Parallels customers to sell and profit from IaaS services. The Flexiant Control Panel is accessible through single-sign-on to let advanced customers provision and manage more complex infrastructure footprints.

How does FCO integrate with PCS?

In May 2014 we announced our full integration with Odin Cloud Server PCS. PCS supports all the functionalities that Flexiant currently delivers across all other hypervisors, with the addition of the unique container-based virtual servers for delivering extra performance and density.

I have already deployed Odin Automation, how can I obtain the Flexiant APS2 package?

If you have a Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator license, you can download the APS2 package free of charge from the apsstandard.org directory. If you don’t have a license of our software yet, please contact your Odin account manager or get in touch with our Flexiant sales team.





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