Flexiant Concerto allows DevOps to provision and run applications transparently across multiple clouds. Using Concerto’s powerful Chef-based orchestration, you can use one of hundreds of recipes we supply, or your own custom recipes, to move your workload easily between Amazon, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and a host of other cloud providers.

Our blueprint feature makes it simple to replicate your application configuration in whatever environment you wish. And with our unique application-aware autoscaling feature, you can make your deployment scale up and down automatically dependent on workload, even across different clouds. Our load-balancing works between different clouds too!

Best of all, Concerto is currently completely free – you need only pay your cloud providers for the resources you use. We will release pricing in January 2015.

If you want more information on the platform, check out our use case videosĀ here.

So how do I register?

First, please read through our Terms and Conditions carefully. You can then sign up directly into the platform and get started straight away!

Download our Terms and Conditions now.

If you are looking to resell a whitelabelled version, please click here.