Concerto for Service Providers

Using Flexiant Concerto, service providers can not only offer their cloud services, but can also offer other cloud vendors to their customers.

Flexiant Concerto is the simple solution to this challenge and allows you to offer multi-cloud workload management and portability in a differentiated way. Flexiant Concerto is a hosted platform that enables application lifecycle management (ALM) ideal for service providers wanting to help developers build next generation applications across multiple clouds.

With Flexiant Concerto you can enable your customers to:

  • Leverage multiple clouds for resilience, flexibility and choice
  • Take the complexity out of deploying cloud application stacks with our blueprints feature
  • Optimize the end user’s experience through application-aware auto scaling
  • Significantly reduce latency by routing global end users to the web server closest to them

Whether you are targeting DevOps, developers or IT professionals, Flexiant Concerto’s intuitive interface, extensive functionality and support for virtually any public or private cloud technology will save you significant time, effort and risk, while opening up new revenue streams.

There are two ways you can leverage Flexiant Concerto as a Service Provider:

  • Register for our a affiliate programme so that we can help you offer your cloud to a brand new audience of DevOps engineers looking to use multiple clouds in different geographies. For more information contact
  • Have your own on premise install of Flexiant Concerto like our customers, Acens. Watch their video here.