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Flexiant Concerto Datasheet

Flexiant Concerto Datasheet

Do you need to make building, deploying and managing your applications and infrastructure more automated, efficient and effective? Do you want the freedom to easily run any workload on any cloud? Flexiant Concerto helps you drive continuous innovation, remove barriers to productivity and overcome cloud vendor lock-in, giving you all you need to deliver quality product to your customers faster.

Flexiant Concerto

A 7 Step Guide to Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto

Getting started with Flexiant Concerto is easy. If you’ve already signed up, or if you are still investigating how Flexiant Concerto can help you, read our seven step guide to get started.


Flexiant Concerto Tutorial

Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto

Everything you need to start using Flexiant Concerto, including sign-up, setting up your cloud accounts, and creating your first server.


How Acens used Flexiant Concerto to solve the multi cloud problem

Hear how Acens, a Telefonica company, has used Flexiant Concerto to solve their multi cloud problem and differentiate against their competitors.



Chef and Flexiant

Flexiant Concerto offers the fastest way for DevOps to deploy and automate applications consistently across multiple clouds. Our integration with Chef enables DevOps users to consume Chef as a service via Flexiant Concerto’s hosted solution.


Flexiant Concerto

Introducing Flexiant Concerto 

Watch our demo to see just how easy Flexiant Concerto is to use and how it truly addresses the consistency and portability requirements of next generation applications.


White Papers


How to Become a Next Generation Cloud Provider

After reading this whitepaper, service providers will be better placed to position themselves for the next generation app market, understand how to become a next generation cloud provider by looking at the market opportunity, understand why the app development and DevOps communities are the ones to target and identify what solutions are necessary to capture this demand and grow the business quickly.