Concerto Use Cases

Flexiant Concerto is the simple solution to multi-cloud workload management and portability.

Want to see just how simple it is to use Flexiant Concerto?

We’ve put together five short videos that demonstrate how Flexiant Concerto works in different use cases.

Concerto Video 101

Flexiant Concerto 101

Watch this video for a whistle stop tour on the basics of Flexiant Concerto, what it looks like, the dashboard and a few key features.

Flexiant Concerto

Use case 1 : The Power of Flexiant Concerto wizards

Here we introduce you to the power of the Flexiant Concerto wizards. Learn how to build an app server and deploy it in any cloud, in any location in just a few minutes.

Flexiant Concerto

Use case 2: Spin up a server to your own specifications

If you want to bypass the Concerto wizard, this video shows you how to create a Joomla based server, to your own bespoke specifications, in minutes and deploy it on any cloud anywhere in the world.

Flexiant Concerto UC3

Use case 3: Deploy an e-commerce store with a 3 tier architecture

By using a three-tier architecture with Magento software stack example, this video shows you how easy it is to create an e-commerce store to offer to your customers.

Flexiant Concerto

Use case 4: Application Aware Auto Scaling

This video will show you how Flexiant Concerto copes with unpredictable levels of web traffic by automatically ensuring you always have the right number of servers to meet web traffic demand.