Grid Telekom Opts for Flexiant

Turkish telco, Grid Telekom impressed by Flexiant’s ease of use, feature set and speed to market

 Istanbul, Turkey and London, UK – April 21, 2015 – Turkish telco, Grid Telekom, has selected Flexiant to deliver a cloud orchestration platform to enable self-service provisioning. The appointment marks Flexiant’s first customer in Turkey.

With over 20 years of experience, Grid Telekom is one of Turkey’s leading telecommunication companies. To offer its cloud services, the telco needed to move away from its manual process to provide a self-service platform.

Khalid Ahmed, Grid Telekom said, “We needed a cloud orchestration solution so we investigated Flexiant, InContinuum and VMUnify. We chose Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator because of its ease of use and feature set.” Read more

Flexiant Joins ENTICE Consortium Worth €2.8 Million to Optimize Virtual Machines

 ENTICE to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications

London and Edinburgh, UK – 7 April 2015 – Flexiant today announced its involvement in ENTICE, the HORIZON 2020 Research Programme Consortium worth €2.8 Million. ENTICE aims to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications. The project will automatically decompose and distribute VM images based on multi-objective optimization (performance, economic cost, storage size, and QoS needs) and a knowledge base and reasoning infrastructure to meet application runtime requirements. Read more

Flexiant Joins €4 Million DICE Consortium

H2020 DICE consortium to accelerate development of business-critical, data intensive applications in the cloud

 London and Edinburgh, UK – 31 March 2015 – Flexiant today announced its involvement in the €4 Million HORIZON 2020 Research Program, DICE. The purpose is to define a development methodology and related tools to accelerate the development of business-critical data-intensive cloud applications.

Flexiant joins leading organizations and universities across Europe in this collaborative research project funded under the ICT theme of HORIZON 2020 Research Program of the European Union. The DICE consortium, coordinated by Imperial College (UK), also includes ProDevelop (Spain), Netfective (France), University of Zaragoza (Spain), Athens Technology Centre (Greece), Xlab Razvoj (Slovenia), Institutul E-AUS (Romania), and Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Read more

Flexiant Offers Cloud Freedom for DevOps

 Flexiant Concerto gives DevOps the fastest way to build, deploy and automate applications consistently across multiple clouds

London, UK – March 25, 2015 – DevOps tasked with driving success in the cloud need a solution to efficiently leverage multiple clouds while avoiding cloud lock-in. Flexiant today announces the commercial availability of Flexiant Concerto. With Flexiant Concerto, DevOps have cloud freedom to automate the build, deployment and operations of applications consistently across multiple clouds. Concerto is available through four disruptive pricing models aimed to deliver multi-cloud at a price point everyone can afford. Read more

AB Network Required Cloud Automation, Selects Flexiant

 Panama based service provider chose Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to remove manual process from provisioning infrastructure and applications

República de Panamá and London, UK – March 17, 2015 – To reduce the time to provision infrastructure and application resources for its customers and decrease costs, AB Network today announced it has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

Based in Panama, AB Network operates a dedicated data center to offer its customers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), back up site monitoring, web applications and services administration. Read more