UK-based service provider selects Flexiant cloud management software to meet customer demand in key vertical markets

London, UK – 24th October 2013 – Global service provider ITSONNET has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to meet customer demand for cloud management. Key markets for ITSONNET include the reinsurance, gaming and financial services industries. These industries require on-demand and scalable resources with easy provisioning of cloud services to meet business requirements. With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, ITSONNET now gives customers’ control and flexibility over cloud computing usage and costs while delivering on unique vertical requirements.

Rajinder Basi, CEO at ITSONNET, says: “Our customers sought a cloud solution that put them in the driving seat to control usage as well as costs. However they have specific challenges – for instance, the reinsurance industry involves a lot of big data mining which requires enormous amounts of analytical processing, and flexible capabilities to address seasonal fluctuations in claims.”

Likewise, as the gaming market moves away from traditional disc space systems, gaming companies need the ability to deliver capacity on demand for online cloud-based gaming, as well as to quickly increase services to cope with the demands of testing and development schedules.”

The company reviewed a number of different cloud orchestration and management options including OpenStack. However it found many providers didn’t offer all the tools required for rapid deployment and provisioning at a commercial level via the web.

Norman Hinds, CTO at ITSONNET, says: “After we saw a live demo of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software, we realised it was head and shoulders above what we had seen elsewhere.”

We wanted to ‘shrink-wrap’ traditional solutions into a virtualised environment, and deliver infrastructure as a service rather than just a virtual machine, with a total solution that was both easy to provision and easy to build. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, and its unique ‘Bento Box’ functionality allows us to do exactly this.

Like the Japanese meal in a box they are named after, Flexiant’s Bento Box solution delivers complete pre-configured application provisioning, allowing service providers to offer sophisticated pre-packaged application stacks that are ready to use.

Norman Hinds says because Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is fully white-labelled, intuitive and supportive of multi-level tiers, it is perfect for the company’s needs. “It enables us to simply and quickly automate our managed services process, meaning costs come down, and through Flexiant’s toolsets, we can offer rapid deployment. This means we can fill the gaps for our clients who are moving to the cloud and want full end user control.

George Knox, CEO of Flexiant says: “Our software has been developed to give cloud service providers such as ITSONNET and their customers’ flexibility to commercialise the cloud by offering differentiated services. ITSONNET is an exceptional example of how one service provider is differentiating against Amazon and others by targeting key vertical markets and meeting customer demand.

This flexibility means we can help ITSONNET deliver on specific customer needs, For instance, ITSONNET’s gaming customers need their data to reside on dedicated infrastructure, while still wanting to have ‘Amazon-style’ provisioning and billing. With Flexiant, ITSONNET is now able to offer this type of exclusive infrastructure, as well as billing and provisioning flexibility.

ITSONNET’s Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform is already up and running – the process from selection to full operation took just three weeks. ITSONNET will launch its branded ‘cloud on demand’ offerings to its key vertical market in the coming weeks, with a ‘high street version’ also planned in the near future.








ITSONNET owns and manages a high security, tier 3 colocation facility which has diverse global connectivity from the site This offers our clients such as ISV/ISP, Content Providers, SI’s and Corporates with resilient hosting facilities and 16TB/S capable fibre infrastructure to all major UK network hubs and key data centre interchanges. The ITSONNET infrastructure is built to banking grade standards offering high efficiency and ultra low cost of ownership. The network is built on multi-vendor DWDM platform from leading global and European equipment vendors. The network is protocol agnostic and is already used today for native Ethernet, SDH and Fibre Channel application.

About Flexiant

Flexiant is a leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Flexiant’s software gives cloud service providers business agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure cloud services, simply and cost-effectively. Vendor agnostic and supporting multiple hypervisors, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a software suite that is service provider ready, enabling cloud service provisioning through to granular metering, billing and reseller management. Used by over one hundred organisations worldwide, from small hosters to large Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Enterprises, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to use. Flexiant customers include NetGroup, FP7 Consortium, ITEX, TransEnt, Fast2host and Boston Group. Visit




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