ENTICE to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications

London and Edinburgh, UK – 7 April 2015 – Flexiant today announced its involvement in ENTICE, the HORIZON 2020 Research Programme Consortium worth €2.8 Million. ENTICE aims to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications. The project will automatically decompose and distribute VM images based on multi-objective optimization (performance, economic cost, storage size, and QoS needs) and a knowledge base and reasoning infrastructure to meet application runtime requirements.

Flexiant is joined on the ENTICE project by the University of Innsbruck, Germany, SZTAKI in Hungary, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Wellness Telecom in Spain and DEIMOS in Spain.

Craig Sheridan, Head of Research said, “Many service providers face barriers to effectivity using cloud resources and virtualization environments for their computing and data processing needs. Optimizing VMs is important both for the cloud applications running on them and also the cloud providers offering the resource. ENTICE seeks to remove these barriers making it easier for service providers to access optimized VMs.”

The ENTICE project also seeks to research elastic auto-scale applications on cloud resources based on their fluctuating load with optimized VM interoperability across cloud infrastructures and without provider lock-in to finally fulfil the promises that virtualization technology has failed to deliver.

For more information visit www.entice-project.eu. For more information about Flexiant and HORIZON 2020 Research Program, visit http://www.flexiant.com/why-flexiant/research/.

About Flexiant

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