GigaOm Structure is just around the corner. Held June 19 and 20 in San Francisco, California this year, the event will focus on how real-time business needs are shaping IT architectures, how hyper-distributed infrastructures will take you beyond the data center and how your cloud tomorrow will look completely different from everything that’s come before.  Flexiant’s cloud experts are looking forward to showcasing our complete cloud management solution as part of this year’s discussions.

logo_structureAs Peter Christy, Co-Founder of Internet Research Group, said of the event, “Structure has always been, and continues to be, the place with the most vibrant and provocative cloud discussion. I’ve tracked cloud for a long time and still find Structure to be an essential meeting in order to keep up.”

Tony Lucas, Product Champion and Founder and George Knox, CEO, Flexiant will be in attendance at this event to offer their opinions on how IT computing is shifting dramatically from on-premise internal IT to the off-premise cloud service providers. They can speak to the goal of Flexiant to be the dominant provider of software that enables companies to build and launch commercial cloud services that will meet this rising demand.