The CloudScape Series, held 27th – 28th of February in Brussels this year, is an annual gathering that promotes open discussions about Cloud among interested parties with backgrounds ranging from enterprise, to government and policy, to research.  Topics covered at this multi-faceted event will include how to use Cloud for research, small business success stories, big data challenges, and research standards and development.

This year, Flexiant’s Professional Services Consultant, Craig Sheridan and Support Director, Tabassum Sharif will participate in the series.  Sheridan will present, “Optimus – Software Infrastructure as a Service in a Hybrid Cloud” on 27th February during the Enterprise Boosting Cloud Computing R&D session, and Sharif will present on FCO v3.0 as part of the “Cloud Computing – A Financial Lifeline for Small Business, European Success Stories” on 28th February.

“CloudScape advocates awareness of Cloud Computing, its benefits for the public and private sectors and the barriers that need addressing to ensure mainstream adoption”