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Telecom Operator

Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

To take full advantage of the cloud opportunity, telecom operators are transforming their business and operating models. Key elements of this transformation will likely include embracing a higher level of automation and leveraging their network management capabilities.

Download our white paper, which looks at the current state of affairs, both risks and cloud demands, offers some advice on the cloud transformation, what’s needed to transform and how technology, available today, can help automate some of the cloud transformation.


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What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud  

To be successful in the cloud, telecom operations must compete with established cloud service providers – both giants like AWS, Google and Microsoft and smaller regional vendors already in the market. And because telecom operators historically do not move as fast as service providers while they maintain their legacy business and customer-base, they are losing cloud customers hand over fist.

Most telecom operators will have already started their cloud transformation. Whether you are at the beginning of this journey or deep into it, here is a checklist of recommendations spanning the business side to the technology, all the way to customer acquisition.

Cloud service providers are using this checklist, so you should too!

Cloud Service Providers

5 More Real-World Examples of Service Providers Making the Most of the Cloud Opportunity

The market opportunity exists and it is not just for giants like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google. Imagine if you could get just .01% of the $24.6 billion IaaS pie? That’s just under $2.5 million. To gain some of this market share requires technology, business planning and market positioning to differentiate and compete.

Cloud Guide

A Complete Checklist of Everything a Service Provider Should Consider to Get to the Cloud

If you are a service provider and need a guide in the cloud or even a quick check list to see where you are at on your journey, read on. Use this guide by checking the boxes you’ve already completed to get you from zero to cloud.

Network Scalability

A Guide to Network Scalability

This whitepaper helps service providers to understand what scaling network resources really means, the benefits of having a truly scalable cloud, and some of the considerations they need to be mindful of when planning their cloud deployment.


How to Become a Next Generation Cloud Provider

After reading this whitepaper, service providers will be better placed to position themselves for the next generation app market, understand how to become a next generation cloud provider by looking at the market opportunity, understand why the app development and DevOps communities are the ones to target and identify what solutions are necessary to capture this demand and grow the business quickly.

How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want

Janakiram MSV recently published a GigaOm report, ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service basics: a guide for IT pros’, in which he lists the top 10 factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform.

We don’t normally do this, but we wanted to measure Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator against these criteria so service providers can understand the full breadth of our product. Find out how Flexiant stacks up by reading the top 10 vs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

Flexiant and Inktank

Flexiant and Inktank – Delivering a Complete Cloud Storage and Orchestration Solution

Storage is a widely recognized major, if not main, infrastructure challenge. For many years, service providers could choose only between two network-storage options: local or centralized. Download the Flexiant and Inktank – Delivering a Complete Cloud Storage and Orchestration Solution paper.

Service Providers

6 Real-World Examples of Service Providers Capitalizing on the Cloud Market Opportunity

Competing in cloud services industry requires differentiation, expansion through new services and resellers, development of new revenue streams that can give you a competitive edge. Want to find out how some of your peers are capitalizing on the cloud? Download 6 Real-World Examples of Service Providers Capitalizing on the Cloud Market Opportunity now.


Cloud Services: A Mission to Mars or Just Next Door?

A Question and Answer Session with 451 Research, Colt Ceano and Flexiant

We asked 451 Research, the CEO of ThinkGrid and Director at Colt Ceano, part of Colt Technology Services and Founder of Flexiant about what the cloud service provider needs to succeed. Here are some of the questions and answers.

Special Report Flexiant

WHD Special Report: Marketing Innovations Every Service Provider Must Know

This report provides valuable insights into the benefits of online marketing, what your competitors are already doing and how you compare to them. Use this report to understand where you reside and what you need to do to surpass your competition.

Flexiant Hypervisor White Paper

Common Considerations When Selecting Your Hypervisor

This white paper sets out to help you select the appropriate hypervisor for your business by reviewing what a hypervisor does, what you should consider and reviews four of the leading hypervisors in the market.

The OpenStack Log Jam

The OpenStack Log Jam

Any service provider looking to spin up cloud services is going to hear mention of OpenStack, the three year old open source project which has attracted nearly as many critics as it has ardent supporters in its short life. This whitepaper examines if OpenStack is commercially viable for service providers.


The 10 “Must Haves” Needed to Support a Cloud Reseller Channel

Want or investigating a cloud services reseller business? There are 10 ‘must haves’ for you to consider in order to support a cloud reseller channel. Download the whitepaper to also learn how one organization was able to use this model to sell to over 2,500 resellers.


Arming the Cloud Service Provider to Compete

Download this whitepaper to understand the solutions needed to design, develop, launch, manage and meter and bill cloud services using a wide range of solution vendors to fundamentally develop game changing solutions for your customers.


7 Reasons Why Service Providers Shouldn’t Bet on VCloud Director

Service providers looking to orchestrate their cloud shouldn’t bet on vCloud Director – find out why in this paper.


Tony Lucas Debates Further on how Service Providers can Compete Against Amazon.

In this white paper, Tony Lucas follows on from his panel debate at Structure:Europe to discuss how service providers can compete against Amazon.

Cloud Billing Pitfalls

Cloud Billing Pitfalls: The Nitty Gritty of Overcoming These

In this white paper, we highlight common pitfalls in cloud billing systems, and explain how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can be used to help to solve them.

Cloud Blueprints

Discover How Cloud Blueprints will Revolutionize and Transform your Cloud Business

Cloud blueprints are much like the blueprints used in the construction industry – they contain all the key information to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud.

VPS and Beyond Part 1

VPS and Beyond Part 1: Why Moving to an IaaS Offering will Pay Dividends

In the first installment of a three part white paper series, Flexiant will explain the journey service providers can take to move from virtual private servers to cloud services to future-proof their business.

VPS and Beyond Part 2

VPS and Beyond Part 2: Why IaaS will Solve Problems Beyond VPS

In the second of a three part series, Flexiant addresses the problems IaaS is solving beyond VPS and what this means for the service provider by showcasing five areas where IaaS is better equipped to meet the requirements of a cloud service provider’s customers and business.

VPS and Beyond Part 3

VPS and Beyond Part 3: Transitioning From VPS Services to IaaS

A large proportion of the service provider market has not yet developed a true cloud offering. These organizations remain at the virtualized level with virtual private servers (VPS) masquerading as cloud services. Learn why IaaS is the starting point from which to grow Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and (Software-as-a-Service) SaaS solutions.

The Cloud Differentiation Guide

The Cloud Differentiation Guide

The market place is inundated with cloud service providers. It is necessary to keep a competitive edge and the only way to do that is by differentiating. This was a key theme throughout the event with many speaking sessions and panels focused on differentiation. For advice on differentiation, access our guide.

VPS & Beyond Complete Series

VPS & Beyond Complete Series

Transitioning from VPS to IaaS can seem daunting to some and to others, completely unnecessary. Flexiant believe this transition can be simple and is absolutely imperative to future-proof your business. We have developed a three part white paper series entitled VPS and Beyond to outline why you should make this transition and the benefits you will see in your business.

Providing Cloud Services

Providing Cloud Services: What You Need to Know [White Paper Series]

As one of our most popular white paper series ever, these papers explain everything you need to know about providing cloud services in a swiftly changing market.

Data Center Automation

The Future of Data Center Automation

Despite the advancements in Cloud every data center manager around the world is calling out for an innovation that can keep a data center running without manual intervention at every stage in the provisioning process. Download this white paper to learn about the five reasons to automate.

451 Research

451 Research Group’s Analysis of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

This independent report, written by 451 Research Group, includes an analysis of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 3.0 and Flexiant’s overall place in the cloud market. By reading this report, you will learn why 451 Group concludes that Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is an industry double threat.


Info-Tech Vendor Landscape Report: Cloud Management Solutions

In this report you will read why Info-Tech has recognised that Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the leading cloud management solution by awarding it the only Trendsetter Award among all of the cloud management vendors reviewed.

Grow Cloud Services

Grow Your Cloud Services Business Using Resellers

Gartner has forecasted the public cloud services market to grow 18.5% in 2013 to a total of $131 billion worldwide. This white paper offers five decisions to consider for a reseller strategy quickly to ensure that your business doesn’t lose out on your share of this exponentially compounding market.

How to Provide a Public Cloud

How to Provide a Public Cloud

If you are a service provider, or you are an organisation looking to capitalise on the cloud market, then read this step-by-step guide now and discover how to adopt outlining a cloud strategy that will maximise revenue opportunities while ensuring long term stability.

5 Reasons You Need Cloud Orchestration

5 Reasons You Need Cloud Orchestration

Download this free white paper now and learn how you can keep pace with the technological landscape to grow your business by fully utilising a cloud platform.

6 Ways Service Providers Can Position Against Private Cloud

6 Ways Service Providers Can Position Against Private Cloud

You will find a list of the benefits of offering public cloud to your customers and the reasons why private cloud is inadequate.

Why Federate When You Can Differentiate?

Why Federate When You Can Differentiate?

This white paper provides much needed clarity around the strengths, weaknesses and difficulties of implementing a successful cloud federation business model by presenting some of the business and operational challenges.

Metering and Billing

Why Service Providers Need Granular Metering and Billing for Cloud Services

Understand how you can build a cloud-specific billing system that keeps pace with the demand of cloud services and your customers.

Discover How to Profit from Cloud Services

Discover How to Profit from Cloud Services

Why the rising tide of opportunity in the cloud services market lies squarely with hosting and cloud service provides.

Overcome the Barriers to Building an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

How to Overcome the Barriers to Building an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

Tony Lucas, SVP Product and Founder of Flexiant, walks you through his journey as the CEO of a Managed Service Provider at XCalibre, to the founding of Flexiant and onto his vision of for the future.

How Cloud Orchestration Software Increases IT Productivity

How Cloud Orchestration Software Increases IT Productivity

Learn how cloud orchestration is helping drive IT efficiency gains and productivity benefits that Service Providers simply can’t afford to ignore.

A Hosting Company's Journey into Cloud Services

A Hosting Company’s Journey into Cloud Services

Lessons learned from our personal journey