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Zero To Cloud

Zero to Cloud: Considerations to Get to the Cloud [Infographic]

Service providers are busy. There is getting to the cloud, building out the technology stack, knowing what technology is actually required, then there is marketing and acquiring new customers for the cloud. It’s a lot. Here is our latest infographic – a one stop guide to help you identify some considerations you hadn’t thought of previously or reinforce what you already know.

Cloud Billing Pitfalls

5 Cloud Billing Pitfalls All Service Providers Should Avoid [Infographic]

When it comes to billing for cloud services, it’s a tricky business. Sometimes complexity can take over causing services to not be billed for correctly. And as we all know, if you are not billing properly, you are most likely losing money or customers.

Here is our latest infographic featuring five cloud billing pitfalls we believe every service provider should avoid based on our experience.

Cloud Can't Wait

So You Think Cloud Can Wait? Think Again! [Infographic]

There is a huge cloud service opportunity out there. Maybe you are wondering what it is for you or what chance you have of offering something different than the giants of the industry? Check out our infographic which offers key statistics and advice for taking advantage of this market opportunity.

Flexiant Research Infographic Thumbnail

Flexiant & FIA – Where Research meets Innovation [Infographic]

We are really proud of our research participation that complements our innovative approach to development. This infographic shows our participation and commitment to projects since our initial participation in 2010.

Flexiant Growth Infographic

Extent of Global Growth in New Cloud Services [Infographic]

This infographic gives some rapid metrics around the adoption of Flexiant internationally.

The Reseller Propeller Infographic

The Reseller Propeller [Infographic]

Cloud service providers should consider expanding services through the reseller model. Learn why in this infographic.

Openstck infographic

The OpenStack Log Jam [Infographic]

OpenStack is the open source project that’s attracted as many critics as it has supporters in its three year life. However, is OpenStack commercially viable for service providers?

Get to market

Get to Market Faster [Infographic]

We understand that speed is of the essence, but that you also need to deliver a cloud service business that can meet strategic objectives both for you and your customers. With this in mind, we have produced a 7 step guide to get to market quickly with cloud management software.