Learning Zone

Welcome to the Flexiant Learning Zone! Below are our editors picks, just a few of our many assets that we think you will find most useful.

Flexiant BattleGround- Arm the Service Provider

Watch our short playful video on what’s happening on the cloud battleground. Maybe you’ll be inspired to win the cloud war!

George at Expo

Watch the 2013 Cloud Expo Europe Keynote, by George Knox CEO of Flexiant.

Telecom Operator

Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

To take full advantage of the cloud opportunity, telecom operators are transforming their business and operating models. Key elements of this transformation will likely include embracing a higher level of automation and leveraging their network management capabilities.

Download our white paper, which looks at the current state of affairs, both risks and cloud demands, offers some advice on the cloud transformation, what’s needed to transform and how technology, available today, can help automate some of the cloud transformation.


Cloud Service Providers

5 More Real-World Examples of Service Providers Making the Most of the Cloud Opportunity

The market opportunity exists and it is not just for giants like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google. Imagine if you could get just .01% of the $24.6 billion IaaS pie? That’s just under $2.5 million. To gain some of this market share requires technology, business planning and market positioning to differentiate and compete.