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451 Research

451 Research Report- Flexiant Tapps Besol for multi-cloud management

Read the 451 Research Report on the Flexiant acquisition of Tapp technology and business.

451 Research

451 Research Report- Flexiant named key partner for Parallels Automation suite

451 Research report on what the Flexiant and Parallels Partnership means.

Case studies



Read how Flexiant and Boston can now deliver a Cloud Solution in a Box.



Read how Flexiant’s FP7 Involvement Supports Academic Partners and Research Institutions to Develop the Next Wave of Cloud Technology.


Flexiant Concerto Datasheet

Flexiant Concerto Datasheet

Do you need to make building, deploying and managing your applications and infrastructure more automated, efficient and effective? Do you want the freedom to easily run any workload on any cloud? Flexiant Concerto helps you drive continuous innovation, remove barriers to productivity and overcome cloud vendor lock-in, giving you all you need to deliver quality product to your customers faster.

Flexiant V4 Data Sheet

Flexiant V5 Software Data Sheet

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5- the simplest, fastest, most comprehensive way to build and market your public or private cloud services. Download the data sheet here.

Flexiant Concerto

A 7 Step Guide to Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto

Getting started with Flexiant Concerto is easy. If you’ve already signed up, or if you are still investigating how Flexiant Concerto can help you, read our seven step guide to get started.



Zero To Cloud

Zero to Cloud: Considerations to Get to the Cloud [Infographic]

Service providers are busy. There is getting to the cloud, building out the technology stack, knowing what technology is actually required, then there is marketing and acquiring new customers for the cloud. It’s a lot. Here is our latest infographic – a one stop guide to help you identify some considerations you hadn’t thought of previously or reinforce what you already know.

Cloud Billing Pitfalls

5 Cloud Billing Pitfalls All Service Providers Should Avoid [Infographic]

When it comes to billing for cloud services, it’s a tricky business. Sometimes complexity can take over causing services to not be billed for correctly. And as we all know, if you are not billing properly, you are most likely losing money or customers.

Here is our latest infographic featuring five cloud billing pitfalls we believe every service provider should avoid based on our experience.



Flexiant and UShareSoft Solution Brief

Service providers often have issues with managing server images and migrating workloads from one platform to another. With Flexiant and UShareSoft, service providers can resolve these problems, read this paper for more information.


Flexiant and Parallels- How to Launch Your laaS Business

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Parallels Automation now enable you to differentiate your solutions by moving faster than your competition, offering unique services, unique business models, unique business flow, and unique branding.


Flexiant Star

Podcast: Metering and Billing Q&A with Tony Lucas

In this podcast Tony Lucas discusses Metering & Billing and answers the questions: Why do I need Metering & Billing? What options are available to me for being able to Meter & Bill? What cloud resources can I bill for? Listen now.

Flexiant Star

Podcast: What The Cloud Service Provider Needs To Succeed- ThinkGrid, 451 Research And Flexiant Discuss

Service providers are hungry to stand up clouds quickly to meet expectations around rising demand, but the providers also need ways to differentiate their service offerings. Listen to Research Director, Infrastructure Software at 451 Research, Michael Coté alongside CEO of ThinkGrid and Director at Colt Ceano, part of Colt Technology Services and SVP Product at Flexiant, Tony Lucas, in a panel discussion about what the cloud service provider needs to succeed.

Cloud Services Prezi

Prezi: Cloud Services: A Mission to Mars or Just Next Door?

Check out this Prezi on, ‘Cloud Services: A Mission to Mars or Just Next Door?’.




A 4CaaSt Technical Value Proposition. The 4CaaSt project aims to create an advanced PaaS implementation, which supports the optimized and elastic hosting of internet-scale, multi-tier applications and enabling the creation of a true business ecosystem.

Holistic Approach to Cloud Service Provisioning

OPTIMIS: a Holistic Approach to Cloud Service Provisioning

We present the fundamentals for a toolkit for scalable and dependable service platforms and architectures that enable flexible and dynamic provisioning of cloud services.

Flexiant Concerto Tutorial

Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto

Everything you need to start using Flexiant Concerto, including sign-up, setting up your cloud accounts, and creating your first server.


How Acens used Flexiant Concerto to solve the multi cloud problem

Hear how Acens, a Telefonica company, has used Flexiant Concerto to solve their multi cloud problem and differentiate against their competitors.



Chef and Flexiant

Flexiant Concerto offers the fastest way for DevOps to deploy and automate applications consistently across multiple clouds. Our integration with Chef enables DevOps users to consume Chef as a service via Flexiant Concerto’s hosted solution.


cloud can't wait webinar

Getting into the cloud market? Already there, but need to position yourself better for growth? Watch 451 Research, Brinkster and Flexiant look at why Cloud Can’t Wait & What to Do for Growth in 2015.


White Papers

Telecom Operator

Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

To take full advantage of the cloud opportunity, telecom operators are transforming their business and operating models. Key elements of this transformation will likely include embracing a higher level of automation and leveraging their network management capabilities.

Download our white paper, which looks at the current state of affairs, both risks and cloud demands, offers some advice on the cloud transformation, what’s needed to transform and how technology, available today, can help automate some of the cloud transformation.


Telecom_Operators (1)

What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud  

To be successful in the cloud, telecom operations must compete with established cloud service providers – both giants like AWS, Google and Microsoft and smaller regional vendors already in the market. And because telecom operators historically do not move as fast as service providers while they maintain their legacy business and customer-base, they are losing cloud customers hand over fist.

Most telecom operators will have already started their cloud transformation. Whether you are at the beginning of this journey or deep into it, here is a checklist of recommendations spanning the business side to the technology, all the way to customer acquisition.

Cloud service providers are using this checklist, so you should too!