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There are several categories of Plugins:

Third Party Billing/CRM Systems

Although Flexiant has built in support for metering and billing, we also acknowledge and support the ability for customers to use third party billing solutions, such as WHMCS and more for which we have built supported plugins.  Of course it is also possible to integrate any external billing system using our APIs, or by building your own plugin as well.

FDL based  plugins

The Flexiant Development Language (or FDL for short) is Flexiant’s overlay on top of the popular Lua open source language which is ideal for building plugins on top of existing systems, and is what Flexiant uses to enable the three types of plugins below.  Flexiant supplies and supports a number of plugins, but it is also possible for customers and third parties to build their own.  All of these plugins work on the basis of triggers within the platform, be that an event, an API call or a time period, allowing for maximum flexibility.  You can find them on our dedicated Plugins page

Integration Plugins

Integration plugins are plugins which enable Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to directly talk to external solutions via APIs or other systems to enable tightly integrated capabilities between platforms, enabling Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to deliver additional value through the existing tools you use. You can find them on our dedicated Plugins page

Custom Login Plugins

Custom logic plugins can modify the core business logic and behaviour of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to modify it to suit your exact needs, performing additional checks, calling additional API calls, modifying workflows etc.  Although Flexiant have automated and orchestrated all key processes in provisioning, managing, metering and billing this gives you the ability to easily build upon and modify these capabilities.

Payment Provider Plugins

Especially useful for providers in developing economies, or those building reseller or channel capabilities, Payment Provider Plugins enable the ability to take Flexiant’s existing metering and billing solution, and easily integrate payment processors that are not supported out of the box.

Language Translations

Flexiant fully supports multiple languages for both its UI and its inclusive context sensitive help system, allowing a user to consume the UI in the language they are most comfortable with.  Additional languages are available to download from here.

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