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Flexiant's Summer Reading List

The Best Content of 2013, so far.

Ahh the lazy days of summer are here. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick back with one of these carefully selected pieces of content to catch up on the latest technologies to help you grow your cloud offer while you relax in the sun.

Flexiant and select partners have picked out the best assets and put together a choice selection just for you. Topics range, but all provide advice on paths to increase your cloud revenue.


Flexiant – How to Overcome the Barriers to Building an Agile Cloud Infrastructure

Download this white paper now if you are a service provider that is looking to offer cloud services and not only consolidate existing revenue streams, but create many new revenue opportunities too. Tony Lucas firmly believes this is the decade of the service provider – it is time for you to act now.

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Cumulogic – Platform-as-a-Service Adoption, Strategy and Implementation

In this paper, Cumulogic highlight various type of PaaS offerings available, including a comparison between PaaS and Cloud Application Platform (CAP), important criteria to consider when choosing a PaaS or CAP solution, and how to plan for implementation in a phased manner.

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Dell -The global datacenter – who is enabling the enablers?

The data center of the future is seamless and integrated. It is virtual, cloud-hosted and no longer defined by four walls. Business data which powers innovation, provides insights and inspires creativity is more fluid than ever before and organisations are increasingly realising the benefits that can be gleaned from hybrid and off-premise architecture.

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Enstratius – What You Need to Know About Managing Access to Your Cloud

One of the biggest challenges in information security is Identity and Access Management (IdM). How do you control who has access to what systems and technology within your enterprise? This paper provides best-practices for overcoming the challenges involved with safely and securely managing your users within public clouds, as well as your private clouds. .

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Inktank – End Of RAID As We Know It

Check out Inktank’s VP of Engineering Mark Kampe as he explores the differences and advantages of Ceph replication over traditional RAID.

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Interxion – The Evolution of the European Cloud Market

If you’re a European provider of web, managed or dedicated hosting services, you know that the hype around cloud computing often comes with a US perspective, and that Europe’s market landscape is very different from the US one. There are still many unanswered questions about how to successfully capitalise on the cloud opportunity in Europe. This whitepaper shares our thoughts on this complex issue, based on best practices shared with us by hosting providers across Europe.

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Opscode – Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools and the Need for Speed

Glenn O’Donnell from Forrester Research, Rob Cummings from Nordstrom, and Opscode CTO Christopher Brown discussed the next wave of IT transformation and how automation, supply-chain models, and standardization are rendering the old model of IT obsolete.

In addition to talking about the changing role of IT, they also discussed how your organization can overcome resistance to cultural and tooling changes to build a coded business that can rapidly deliver experiences, goods, and services to customers ahead of the competition.

Watch the webinar here now.

ScienceLogic- Survey of Hosting Providers

Hosting providers that do not differentiate themselves via value-added services see themselves locked into a destructive pricing race to the bottom, according to research from IT operations and cloud management solutions provider ScienceLogic™ Inc. In a survey of HostingCon 2012 attendees, nearly 50 percent name “price wars” as the greatest threat to the industry. What other threats are hosters afraid of? How do hosters differentiate themselves from the competition? Download the survey to find out!

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SolidFire – Enhancing Data Security, Privacy, and Availability in the Cloud

There are a number of ongoing efforts to establish standards and suggested best practices related to data privacy and security in a cloud environment.

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UShareSoft – Bridging Virtualization to Cloud: Managing Applications in a Hybrid Environment

This white paper addresses how enterprises can bridge the gap between virtualization and cloud computing at the software layer. If you’re thinking about moving your software and applications to the cloud, this paper will help you understand how to: ensure your software will run in a hybrid environment; migrate existing applications to the cloud; and build simple or complex application solutions for the cloud.

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