Features & Pricing Edition Summary

FCO Hosting
FCO Single Cluster
FCO Multiple Cluster
Per Cluster & Hypervisor Combination/Annual $500 $1500 Contact us
Per Core/Per Month $10 $16 Contact us
Per Month Max Core Limit 128 Unlimited Unlimited
Get Started Get Started Get Started
Infrastructure Orchestration
Universal Storage Support
Universal Node Support
Multi-Tier Storage*
Capacity/Usage Monitoring and Alerting
Automated Node Management
Live Recovery
Live Migration
Integrated Firewall Service
IPv4 & IPv6 Support
DHCP Service
Multiple Networking Modes
Integrated routing platform
KVM Hypervisor Support
Xen Hypervisor Support
VMware Hypervisor Support
Hyper-V Hypervisor Support
PCS Hypervisor Support
Import VMs from Service Provider’s vSphere
High Availability of FCO
Geographic Scalability
Private IP Address Management
VMware Brownfield
Elastic NICs
Load Balancer as a Service
*Not supported by Virtuozzo (formerly PCS)
Metering & Billing
Product Catalogue
Multi Currency
Referral & Promotion Schemes
Flexible Product Offerings
Integrated Metering
Integrated Billing and Invoicing
Credit Card Charging Support
Hostbill Integration
WHMCS Integration
API Integration with Billing Systems
Parallels Automation
Customer & Reseller Management
Customer Management
Complete Reseller Support
Multi Customer Sign In
Validated Customers
User Interface
Full Customer Portal
Full Reseller Portal
Full Administrator Portal
Users & Groups Access Controls
Smart Filters
Customizable Unified Interface
Single Sign On
Full branding capabilities
JavaScript/CSS API
Widget plugins
Application Orchestration
Isolated Tenants
Metadata Service
Dynamic Workload Placement (DWP)
Image/Template Catalog
Chef Integration
Image Publishing/Permissions
Image Verification
Scheduled Jobs
Infrastructure Blueprints
Customizable Application Deployment
Integration Capabilities
Customer API
Admin API
System API
Integrated Signup System
External Billing Integration
External CRM Integration
Flexiant Query Language (FQL)
Trigger Plugins
Payment Provider Plugins
Configuration plugins
Report Plugins
Reporting Capabilities
Configurable Cost Reporting
Global Reporting Capabilities
Community and Email
Get Started Get Started Get Started

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