Metering & Billing


Metering & Billing


Does Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provide real PAYG billing capabilities?

Yes. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator was built to provide true utility computing billed via PAYG model. Flexiant provides a virtual currency (units) that can be used to charge for every consumable cloud resource, either as a one-off or on a recurring basis, including hourly, daily, monthly or yearly. Service Providers can keep their invoices simple by selling units packages while end users will be able to drill down their consumption by accessing all the unit transactions performed by the billing cycles, directly via control panel or API.

What cloud resources can I bill for?

You can bill for every consumable cloud resource including, but not limited to: VM running time (as a combination of CPU/RAM), disk space, IP addresses, VLANs, snapshots, OS image storage, OS images deployment with software license chargeback, infrastructure blueprints deployment, firewall rules, disk I/O and network bandwidth. Moreover you can bill for any additional component or resource provided by Flexiant plugins.

I also need to bill services on a subscription basis / monthly fee, do I need an external billing system for that?

No. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has fully integrated capabilities to charge monthly fees directly in any currency, to automatically generate invoices, take payments and handle credit limits (currency amounts or overdue days) before end user accounts are cut off.

How far does Flexiant billing extend? Does it also provide payment collection?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides full embedded billing capabilities. It includes the definition of products and services prices, on a utility-basis or via subscriptions, resource pool allowance, virtual currency (units) balance, billing cycles to charge units or currency, invoices generation, credit limits and automatic account suspension or cut off. Payment collection is also provided automatically by charging credit cards or manually by marking invoices as paid.

Which payment gateways are currently supported?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides by default plugins to integrate with PayPal and Stripe. However, the new interface for payment gateways enables service providers to easily develop integration with almost any payment provider in the world.


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