Can I integrate my existing billing system with Flexiant? To what extent?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides the ability to extract billing data at many different phases of the metering and billing process. We provide different API calls to extract raw consumption data, billing records (units transactions) or aggregated summaries. We provide a comprehensive documentation page on how to integrate Flexiant with external billing systems, describing the role of each system and providing details on the involved API calls here. And if your billing system is WHMCS or Odin Service Automation, we already have integrations for you on our marketplace.

I want to use a general control panel to group all my cloud services, including the IaaS service provided by Flexiant. What options are available?

Flexiant provides complementary integration modules for WHMCS as well as an APS2 package for Odin Service Automation, two of the most popular software platforms for aggregating cloud services, managing customers and products. The modules will enable you to add specific products to your existing installations that link to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator: virtual cloud credits (units), resource pools or simple virtual private servers (VPS) that your end users will be able to purchase and consume through the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator control panel or API. For both control panels, our integration modules also include full resellers management capabilities.

Can I use triggers to integrate Flexiant with my existing monitoring system?

If your monitoring system provides an accessible API, you can use trigger plugins to automatically execute API calls against it every time a new VM is created. Upon execution, the plugin can read all VM parameters and take the necessary actions to add them into your monitoring system.

You can also use configuration plugins if you want to give your end users the possibility to also choose monitoring parameters directly from the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator UI, bill differently based on their choice, or on consumption data provided directly by your monitoring system.

Finally, widget plugins can be used to display information coming from your monitoring system directly within the FCO control panel.

How can I automatically add every new VM to a Configuration Management Data Base?

If your CMDB provides an accessible API, you can use trigger plugins to automatically execute API calls against it every time a new VM is created or modified. Upon execution, the trigger can read all VM parameters and take the necessary actions to add them into your CMDB.

Flexiant and Odin Integration


What is the relationship between Flexiant and Odin?

Flexiant and Odin have signed an agreement in 2014 that enables Odin to fully resell Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to its existing and new customer base. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software licenses will be provided by Odin while support will be delivered exclusively by Flexiant.

How do Parallels and Flexiant fit together?

Flexiant has been selected by Odin as the leading CMP (Cloud Management Platform) to enable service providers to launch IaaS clouds. Flexiant adds value to the Odin product portfolio by providing cloud orchestration across multiple hypervisors and data centres, while delivering a true Pay-As-You-Go billing model with advanced application deployment capabilities. Flexiant can count on a larger organization to go-to-market with, with its established customer base of more than 10,000 organizations and a recognized brand in the telco and hosting industries.

How does Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator integrate with Parallels products?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator integrates with both Odin Service Automation and Odin Virtuozzo. Flexiant developed an APS2 package that enables Odin Service Automation (OSA) storefront to offer and provision products that are delivered by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Virtual cloud credits (units) and resource pools can be purchased by customers and infrastructure can be consumed using the PA control panel, or directly through Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator for advanced deployment capabilities.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator also supports Odin Virtuozzo as one of its hypervisors, with the ability to create both containers and virtual machines using Virtuozzo superior API.

For more information on our integration with Odin please click here.


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