About Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5


About Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5


What is Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud orchestration software that service providers can use to launch highly differentiated, public IaaS, cloud services. It provides compute, network and storage orchestration which are made directly available to end users via self-service control panel and API. In addition, it comes with an extensive set of functionalities to help service providers profit from their public cloud and open new revenue streams.

Who can benefit the most from the adoption of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is specifically targeted at service providers, including telcos, MSPs and hosting companies that want to enter or expand their presence in the IaaS market with a unique product. It provides all the required functionalities to stand up a cloud in a matter of days, while still being highly customizable and extensible to enable service providers to differentiate their services. End users will benefit from Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator thanks to a feature rich and user friendly control panel that can make them completely self-sufficient in building their cloud infrastructure.

Is Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provided as SaaS or deployed on site?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is intended to be deployed on site on hardware made available by the service provider.

Do you have white labeling capabilities? Can I re-brand Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator?

Yes. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides an extensive white labeling capability where service providers can launch public clouds using multiple brands, even belonging to different legal entities. This enables partners and resellers launch their own service sharing the same physical infrastructures. Each brand (we call it “Billing Entity”) can customize the control panel look and feel, the products and services offered, the content library (images and blueprints), billing models, payment options and the templates of any communication generated by the system.

Where does Flexiant stand with respect to OpenStack?

Openstack solves a number of challenges around virtual resource orchestration, however it is a series of software modules, not a specific product enabling service providers to build a cloud services business. We started to develop Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator years before the birth of OpenStack and we believe our software is much more stable, mature and feature rich for a production-ready IaaS cloud. A solution like OpenStack still requires significant additional capabilities to be added including customer management, metering and billing, which Flexiant provides out of the box instead. We do understand though that there is a growing interest in companies looking to use OpenStack in public cloud production environments, which is why we have joined the OpenStack foundation and that we are supporting it within our Flexiant product.

I want to launch a cloud service in China, can I easily translate Flexiant GUI?

Yes. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides extensive internationalization capabilities so that service providers (and their resellers) can add custom translations, modify existing ones via the control panel, let end users choose the language they prefer, or simply pick the browser’s preferred language. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator also comes with English, French, Spanish and Russian translations out of the box.

Obtaining Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator 


I want a copy of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, how can I get one?

You can contact sales here and together we’ll assess your specific business case and the right edition of the software for you.

Can you help me to stand up my Flexiant powered public cloud?

Yes. Flexiant offers various “Go-Live” assistance packages to help you standing up your cloud. This support can cover all aspects from technology installation and system configuration to user training and products creation, and will allow you to go live with complete ownership and operational knowledge of your cloud management platform.

What is your business model? How does your licensing work?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is licensed through an Annual “Right to Use” Software License and recurring monthly subscription based on various factors including the feature set required as well as the hypervisor technology in use and the number of clusters and physical cores under management. Contact Sales to find out how Flexiant can support your cloud services business.

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