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To sell cloud, you lease your virtualized infrastructure, ease and track cloud usage within a customer organization and find new routes to reach the largest cloud market.

Built from the ground up with multi-tenancy in mind, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator includes:

  • Customer multi-tenancy: isolate your customers to let them securely consume your infrastructure
  • Role Base Access Control (RBAC): support multiple users and groups within each customer account and allow different groups of user’s access to different set of resources. Also include an audit trail of who is doing what with the cloud.
  • Billing entity multi-tenancy: share your physical platform among multiple brands, resellers and businesses. Let users manage their own billing configuration, product catalog, control panel look and feel and, of course, their own customers and resellers.


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Metering & Billing

A cloud business won’t scale without a completely automated billing process. A prerequisite for success is the ability to bill and take payments based on accurately measured consumption data.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator includes a fully integrated billing system for your fastest go-to-market opportunity. Integrating Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator into your existing workflows is extremely easy thanks to its powerful API and extensible interface.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator includes:

  • Granular resource usage metering and rating (CPU, RAM, disk I/O, network I/O, etc.)
  • Automatic invoicing and payment collection including credit card, Paypal and Stripe, amongst others, support
  • Integration modules with commonly used third party billing systems like Odin Service Automation and WHMCS
  • Support for resource pools subscriptions, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and mixed (subscriptions with bursting) business models
  • Highly configurable product catalog
  • API, trigger plugins and payment provider plugins to easily integrate with third party systems
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Your customers want to have a choice. To lower the risk of migration, or simply to preserve their application certification, they want to be able to decide which hypervisor should power their workload.

Whether you want to launch a cloud business based on the hypervisor you are most comfortable with, or to offer multiple choices to your customers, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has all the options.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator includes:

  • Support for all major hypervisor including open-source (KVM, Xen4) and commercial (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Odin Virtuozzo)
  • A consistent user experience across all hypervisors
  • A dynamic workload placement algorithm to make the most sensible decision on where to start a virtual machine
  • Live migration and live recovery of virtual machines in case of node failures
  • Support for hypervisor specifics such as containers
  • Support for hypervisor-based product catalogs for differentiated service levels
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Multi-tier storage

Customers have different storage performance requirements. Some do not want to overpay for IOPS. Others want to purchase more IOPS to ensure the lowest latency for demanding applications. You can match specific workloads to required storage performance with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

  • Multiple storage units support per cluster: high performance versus low, SSD disks versus SATA, choose any combination you want
  • Hypervisor-based I/O throttling: shape I/O requests before they hit the storage and make sure your storage is best optimized to serve your customers workload at any given time
  • Product catalog storage tiers for differentiated service levels
  • End user controls for IOPS selection at provisioning time
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Scalable architecture

To accommodate unpredictable growth of your cloud service business, every component of the platform needs to have one common characteristic: true scalability.

At the heart of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a scalable software architecture to ensure the support of locally and geographically scalable hardware topologies.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator offers:

  • Multi-cluster architecture: divide your cloud into regions that scale horizontally and geographically
  • Access to all clusters from the same UI and API end point (single pane of glass)
  • Truly scalable network orchestration technology
  • Horizontally scalable management stack
  • Embedded job scheduling system for asynchronous task handling
  • Support for scale-out compute and storage architectures
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Infrastructure Blueprints

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s infrastructure blueprints deliver the unique ability to create, store and share templates of application environments, which span across multiple servers and networks. Using the one-click deploy capability, all tasks are automated and repeatable with minimum effort.

Flexiant’s infrastructure blueprints offers:

  • Graphical drag-n-drop blueprint designer
  • Ability to group multiple servers, VDC, clusters, disks, networks and images
  • Ability to choose any attribute at deployment time (e.g. in which data centre you want to deploy)
  • Custom “deployment questions” functionality to gather and pass attributes to the servers
  • Blueprint libraries
  • Ability to charge for blueprint deployments
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3rd Party Plugins

We strongly believe that every product should concentrate both on solving a specific problem as well as provide the required means to integrate and be part of something bigger. That’s why we designed Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to be easily extensible.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can incorporate code written by third parties to extend the software business logic and call out to external systems.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator offers:

  • Trigger plugins for event-driven actions (e.g. call out to external APIs when a new server is created)
  • Configuration plugins
  • Resource plugins to manage and bill for non-FCO resources like load balancers or object stores
  • Widget plugins to embed your own content into the FCO control panel
  • Billing plugins for custom billing logic
  • Payment plugins
  • Report plugins

Check out the Flexiant marketplace to see the available plugins.

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Flexible Self-service

With Flexiant, you can offer complete self-serve infrastructure resources to their users. Having the possibility to get the resources users want, when they want, can make the difference in their ability to innovate and adapt to the business needs.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s true self-service capability enables frictionless purchase, provisioning and consumption of cloud infrastructure resources via an intuitive user interface and a web API.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator offers:

  • Customer and admin control panels
  • REST and SOAP customer and admin APIs
  • Ability to self-serve all available resources including servers, disks, networks, images, blueprints, deployment, snapshots, firewalls, etc.
  • Fully automated customer signup and billing workflows
  • Ability to use the customer control panel as a service provider tool to offer managed services

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