August Newsletter: Innovation, Expertise and Rising Trends

July NewsletterProviding innovative and differentiated services is critical to cloud service providers surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape. This month we continued our promise to innovate on behalf of the service provider by providing a number of new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator features.

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New Feature: Easily Migrate VMs from vSphere to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Cloud Services
We have been drip feeding new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator v5.5 features over the past month. In our mission to continuously innovate so that telcos and service providers can arm themselves to compete, some of the latest features include private IP address space management, widget plugins and our JavaScript API.
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Should Telecom Operators Invest in Cloud Orchestration?

Telecom Operator

Telecom cloud service launched every working day of the year, according to Ovum research on Telcos in the Cloud. The research showed that most CSPs report annual cloud revenue growth in the 25%-30% range, however these cloud services often replace legacy offers, and so in the short term this substitution effect may mean zero growth or decline in some Telecom operators overall revenues. 
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Flexiant’s August Reading List

July Newsletter

Ahh the lazy days of summer are here. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick back with one of these carefully selected pieces of content to catch up on the latest technologies to help you grow your cloud business while you relax in the sun (or rain for some of us!).
Flexiant and select partners have picked out the best assets and put together a choice selection just for you. Topics range from cloud management to serving the DevOps community, but all provide advice on paths to increase your cloud revenue and simplify the cloud and application deployment.
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451 Research on The Rise of Spark

Cloud management

Last week we hosted a webinar between 451 Research and IBM about Big Data and the Rise of Spark. Here is a summary of some of what Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, Development, DevOps & IT Ops had to say on the topic.
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