Flexiant Top 5 Cloud Service Provider and Telco Resources of 2015


2015 is almost a wrap. With the year coming to a quick conclusion, we are looking back at the best resources of 2015. Here is our top five of 2015:

1. What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud
Declining revenues, economic challenges, technology transformation and price competition are all contributors to the rapidly changing telecom industry alongside the evolving requirements of customers. As telecom operators look to transform to overcome these challenges, the cloud has become ever more important.
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Are You a Passive Cloud Service Provider?


Fifteen years ago the service provider market was the place to be. Lots of businesses were making their first moves online, customer acquisition was relatively straightforward and growth was easily achieved. But over the past decade or so most service providers have faced tricky trading conditions, they have had to watch their margins erode as the market matured and consolidated. Some have reacted by focusing on defensive strategies rather than innovation. However the case for innovation in a difficult market has been well-argued – innovation, and the differentiation that follows from it, can flourish when times are tough as people look for an alternative approach, and there are many celebrated examples of this happening with great success in other industries. Fortune magazine, for instance, launched in 1930 less than a year after the Wall Street crash; Diet Coke was launched in 1982 in the middle of a global recession; Apple launched its first iPod in 2001 around the time that the dotcom bubble burst.
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Cloud Service Providers: Adjust Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Adjust Your Customer Strategy

In early 2015, insights from Beyond Infrastructure: Cloud 2.0 Signifies New Opportunities for Cloud Service Providers were released detailing the future of cloud service providers and Managed Service Providers. Key findings include:

  • The highest expectations when moving to hosted services or cloud computing are gaining improved technology quality on platforms and applications, helping to grow the business, improved availability and better business service.
  • Within two years, 34% of enterprises will have 60% or more of their applications on a cloud platform. 47% of marketing departments will have 60% or more of their applications on a cloud platform in two years.
  • 63% of all enterprises surveyed are running an on-premises private cloud with a hosted private cloud. 45% using an on-premises private cloud with a public cloud. 32% have a hosted private cloud integrated to a public cloud.
  • CIO/CTOs are the most influential C-level executives regarding purchasing decisions related to cloud-based Application Development and IT Operations/Administration apps. CEOs are the most influential regarding cloud-based marketing app adoption.

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7 Capabilities Your Cloud Management Solution Might Be Missing


Managing your cloud resources requires sophisticated solutions targeted at telcos and service providers. But often these cloud management solutions are not fit for purpose for a commercial provider of cloud services. There are a number of reasons you may need cloud orchestration and benefits you’ll receive from this. But there are also a number of added benefits that you might not be receiving from your cloud management solution. Here are a few to consider:
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Verizon’s State of the Market Shows Cloud Advantage and Possibilities

cloud billing pitfalls

The Verizon State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 gives telcos and other cloud service providers some good news – cloud spend has grown. 84% of companies say their use of cloud has grown in the last year (up from 38% in last year’s report). Around half of companies say they will be using cloud for at least 75% of their workloads by 2018.
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