Non clouded judgement from the GigaOm Structure Conference

Last week I attended the GigaOM Structure Conference in San Francisco, which is a key event in the calendar for companies in all areas of internet infrastructure and cloud computing, bringing together thought leaders from America and beyond to discuss the future of internet infrastructure
Some fascinating highlights and trends have come out of the conference:

API Wars

An entertaining panel involved Chris Kemp from Nebula (for Openstack), Sameer Dholakia (for Citrix) and Marten Mickos (for Eucalyptus) debating API standardisation vs innovation etc.

To summarise,  Citrix and Eucalyptus both came over open-minded about supporting multiple APIs, either now or in the future (Eucalyptus is based on the AWS API, Citrix supports both their own and AWS), whereas Chris Kemp from Nebula came over as rather narrow minded, in that Nebula will only ever support their own API and that has enough groundswell to become the new standard.  Lew Moorman for Rackspace (supporting Openstack) also presented previously at the conference presenting a similar stance.
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