A 7 Step Guide to Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant Concerto

We want you to make the most out of Flexiant Concerto, the fastest way to build, deploy and automate applications consistently across any cloud.

Getting started with Flexiant Concerto is easy. If you’ve already signed up, or if you are still investigating how Flexiant Concerto can help you, read our seven-step guide on getting started.
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Why Care About Big Data and the Rise of Spark? [Webinar]

Cloud Webinar

The emergence of large scale Big Data projects continue to grow. This has fuelled the need to process Big Data faster and is accelerating the adoption of new approaches and technologies. One such technology exploding in 2015 is Apache Spark. According to IBM this is a crucial technology that will make it possible to quickly gain insights from data. This will produce extraordinary time and cost savings and will enable early adopters to thereby save time and spot opportunities in areas like sales and new product development at an unprecedented rate.
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Does Multi-Cloud Lead to Cloud Sprawl?


CIO published an article that said “the primary mission of the CIO is no longer to drive competitive advantage by balancing a cadence of enterprise-wide deployments with the ongoing maintenance of legacy infrastructure.” Instead it suggested that “the best CIOs will embrace public cloud technology, free themselves from infrastructure maintenance, and instead focus on ways to increase employee and customer engagement that drive business results.”
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Research Shows a Multi-Cloud Strategy is Essential for Service Providers Today

Multi-Cloud Strategy

The majority of enterprises are looking into the deployment of multiple clouds for both the short and long-term according to survey results reported in Cloud Tech News. The research found that:

  • 77% of IT decision makers are planning to implement multi-cloud architecture.
  • 91% intend to at least implement some sort of cloud-based solution within the next twelve months. Of these respondents, 48% plan to deploy six or more cloud services.
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Chef, Auto-Scaling and How to Simplify It All



Say you have deployed a multi-tier web application in the cloud, with each tier made up of a few servers. How large does each tier need to be? That depends on the demand placed on the application at any given time, and in many cases this is hard, if not impossible, to predict. Each tier may have its own internal bottlenecks and will have to scale differently from the others. But in any case, it all boils down to:

Too little server resource and your application user’s experience will suffer;

Too much and you are over provisioning and over spending on infrastructure.
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