Verizon’s State of the Market Shows Cloud Advantage and Possibilities

cloud billing pitfalls

The Verizon State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 gives telcos and other cloud service providers some good news – cloud spend has grown. 84% of companies say their use of cloud has grown in the last year (up from 38% in last year’s report). Around half of companies say they will be using cloud for at least 75% of their workloads by 2018.
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Walmart Moves to Unlock the Cloud; Another Reason for Multi-Cloud

Flexiant ConcertoLast week Walmart announced that it will open-source the cloud technology it has built up following its acquisition of startup OneOps roughly two years ago. The reason? It hates vendor lock-in. A CIO article said:

“Vendor lock-in has plagued the corporate world since well before the arrival of the cloud, but now — with ever more of today’s technology operating in an online environment dominated by providers such as Amazon Web Services — it’s taken on new urgency.”

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August Newsletter: Innovation, Expertise and Rising Trends

July NewsletterProviding innovative and differentiated services is critical to cloud service providers surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape. This month we continued our promise to innovate on behalf of the service provider by providing a number of new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator features.

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451 Research, IBM and Flexiant Discuss the Rise of Spark [Webinar]

Cloud Webinar

Whether you are in DevOps, are a cloud service provider, a data engineer or a data scientist, you need to stay informed of emerging technologies and trends creating additional or new opportunities for you.

We have put together a compelling and interactive webinar to discuss Big Data and the rise of Spark on July 30, 2015 at 14.00 EST (11:00 PST). During the webinar, listen to a discussion between 451 Research, IBM and Flexiant to find out what these trends mean for you.
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Chef Users London Features Flexiant


On Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 6:30 PM, join us as we talk at the Chef Users London meet up. Our very own Javi Perez-Griffo will be explaining how Chef’s programmability helped them to create an elastic Apache Spark cluster as a service.
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