Brinkster Unveils a White-Label Cloud Partner Program With Up to 65% Margins

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We love to share when our customers have great news and last week Brinkster, announced their new model which we think is a great example of taking a product to market in a differentiated way. Here’s the news:

Brinkster, a leading cloud IaaS provider, introduced a White-Label Cloud Partner Program that enables resellers to sell cloud services at Amazon or Rackspace prices and earn up to a 65% margin. The program leverages Brinkster’s innovative patent-pending proprietary hardware platform, resulting in an ultra-low cost structure that is passed along to resellers. “Brinkster’s proprietary hardware platform plus its high margin white-label cloud partner program are a disruptive addition to the market. A margin of up to 65% on market pricing for cloud services is an attractive option for resellers, particularly those who want to deliver the services under their own brands,” said Liam Eagle, Analyst 451 Research.
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Public Cloud Customers Want a Mature API and Partner Ecosystems

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Earlier this month we published ‘A Guide: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want’ to highlight Janakiram MSV GigaOm report, ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service basics: a guide for IT pros’, in which he lists the top 10 factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform. Two of the requirements that cloud customers want – a mature API and partner ecosystems. Want to know how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator stakes up against these criteria so service providers can understand the full breadth of our product?

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New White Paper: A Guide to Cloud Compute Scalability

Whitepaper Wednesday

Cloud Scalability: What is it?

Cloud equals scalability, right? Wrong. As public cloud consumption increases, so too does the demand for cloud service providers, however not all service providers are created equally or rather with the right infrastructure to scale in place.

To build and deliver successful cloud services, the ability to scale must underpin a service provider’s compute infrastructure, networking, storage and overall business. So what is scalability?

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Whitepaper Wednesday Continues with Cloud Blueprints

Whitepaper Wednesday

Let’s start at the beginning – what is the definition of cloud blueprints?

Cloud blueprints are much like the blueprints used in the construction industry. They contain all the key information and ‘bill of materials’ to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details, and most importantly how they all relate together.

In most cases, cloud service providers have yet to deploy cloud blueprints to offer these application provisioning benefits. As a result, they are missing out on delivering capabilities to their customers that can drive significant benefit and revenue opportunities.

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Who Can Afford all That Investment to Make OpenStack Work?


CRN published an article “OpenStack Community Challenged by Dearth of Talent, Complexity.” In the article, the publication included comment from Josh McKenty, a former NASA engineer who helped build the platform and sits on the project’s board of directors. Now a co-founder and CTO of San Francisco-based Piston Cloud, CRN summarized McKenty’s comments:

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