10 Things I Learned on the Cloud Can’t Wait Webinar

Flexiant WebinarLast week we held the ‘Cloud Can’t Wait’ webinar with 451 Research, Brinkster and Flexiant. Here are 10 things I learned from listening in:

  1. The public cloud market is growing at a 29% CAGR according to 451 Research’s Cloud Computing Market Overview,” 451 Research, August 2014. Michael Coté said there is a lot of money actually changing hands!
  1. You might think you are late to the market, but you are not. There is a tremendous opportunity to get involved in the cloud market and grow your business. It isn’t about being at the bleeding edge, it is about being at the leading edge.

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DockerCon Europe: A Marketing Love Fest or Market Direction, Trends and Opps

DockerCon Europe

Developers. Developers. Developers. I guarantee this was the most spoken word at DockerCon Europe, the hottest software conference that just took place in Amsterdam last week. I was so lucky to get a ticket (as it sold out in a couple of days!) and be part of this amazing event that, despite a few complaints heard regarding too much of a “marketing love fest”, offered a lot in understanding market directions, trends and opportunities for software vendors.
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A Debate about DevOps


Here in Flexiant Central we are having a debate about how far the DevOps approach and culture is permeating the larger development houses and even the in-house development activities of major enterprises. This is important to Flexiant and our customers since many of our service providers are currently delivering cloud services to the DevOps community, are planning to, or frankly should be planning to! You may have opinions on this and I would be very grateful to hear them.

One really insightful first question that I like to ask is “Who understands what DevOps is?” Many believe that they do. However, what I have noticed is that these discussions become very technical very, very quickly with Chef, Puppet, Docker et al. appearing early in every conversation. I understand why since DevOps is seen as a technical discipline by many and therefore the domain of engineering. This is not the whole picture.
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The Importance of Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure for Service Providers


We recently highlighted five trends from Gartner that we think service providers need to consider for their 2015 business plan. This post focuses on the fourth trend we listed, “Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure”, covering the opportunities that this trend is creating for service providers.

What do we mean by software-defined applications? Traditionally, applications have been architected as a single, self-contained unit. Software-defined applications on the other hand, are made of a number of independent components known as microservices, that communicate with each other via Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, which opens up an enormous potential for automation both within and across applications in the cloud.

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The Rise of the Next Generation Software Developers

Next Generation App

Last week I blogged about legacy vs. next generation apps and why service providers need to consider both of these strategies for growth. Today I’m looking at the rise of the next generation software developers.

Instead of prolonged IT decision making processes that slow down innovation, software developers are now empowered to innovate quickly. With that new found empowerment comes a demand for automation. Developers want to focus on their core business logic instead of spending time with repeatable operations, such as installing and configuring the development environment. They want to consume components of their applications as-a-service wherever these aren’t part of their core business logic; these include for example database, storage, load balancing, DNS, caching, notification or messaging services.

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