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24 Hours Until… ‘The 10 Biggest Metering and Billing Mistakes that Service Providers Make’ Webinar

Register now for tomorrow’s 4pm BST webinar, ‘The 10 Biggest Metering & Billing Mistakes that Cloud Service Providers Make’.

If you are considering selling cloud services or are already doing so, you need to get to grips with metering and billing. Our webinar, The 10 Biggest Mistakes that Cloud Service Providers Make, has been created to meet a rising demand among our readers, who are eager to learn more about the common pitfalls in metering and billing.

In our webinar, the first in a series of “Expert Practitioner” webinars currently in the making at Flexiant, our COO and CTO Alex Bligh will provide some cloud metering and billing advice for cloud service providers.

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Gartner make Europe disappear!

Like many who have been in this industry for some time I have used and benefitted from Gartner services throughout my career. OK so far! And then there are times when Gartner just disappoints and fails to deliver to its promise.
Today I received, probably like many of you, an alert announcing the release of a report on ‘Cloud Management Platform Vendor Landscape’. Here is the description I received.
CMP Vendor Landscape
5 Sep 2012 | ID: G00233217
By Ronni J. Colville, Donna Scott, Milind Govekar and Aneel Lakhani
Cloud management platform vendors come from a variety of market segments and offer solutions with varying levels of completeness. This market landscape view and associated assessment of CMP vendors and their strengths and challenges is targeted to IT organizations.
The vendors reviewed are as follows:
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GigaOM’s 7 Steps to Cloud Success

GigaOM released this month a 7 step guide to cloud success. The research by Jo Maitland starts by contrasting the intention of cloud versus what’s actually happening. Typically many organisations start with a few servers in a room, but this can quickly turn into “multiple clouds on different platforms that all use different providers and management tools. It’s this kind of stovepipe approach to IT that creates inefficiencies, high costs, and labour-intensive management.”

The introduction highlights the need for IT departments to manage as much of their infrastructure as possible with a single solution. This echoes sentiments by Tony Lucas in his blog series on Managing Virtual Machine Sprawl where he highlights a number of problems many organisations face when they start down the cloud route.

In Jo’s seven steps, the one that resonates most is “Step 3. Create an orchestration layer that builds and places services based on policies.” Jo says:


 Orchestration software is not typically seen in traditional IT environments, because those don’t rely on so much automation. But when it comes to providing cloud attributes, orchestration software is critical, because that layer binds multiple products, technologies, and processes to enable IT-process automation throughout the stack. It helps create workflows or run books that can automate complicated tasks like cluster deployment, host patching, and virtual machine (VM) provisioning.

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Finding Your Niche in the Cloud with Tony Lucas

Our very own Founder and SVP Product, Tony Lucas, will be speaking at the HostingCon event, Boston, MA. His 45-minute presentation will discuss how the move towards the cloud is an opportunity for hosting companies to achieve significant growth, but also a threat because of new entrants and business models. While it may be valid to compete with homogenous public cloud services, Tony will argue that seizing the opportunity being presented by segmenting the market and even capturing the growing demand for hosted private cloud creates more defensible and higher margin opportunities. He will consider how service providers should react and what they should do to take their existing niche, speciality or uniqueness into a cloud model.

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