What a Week

As anyone reading this blog will probably know we were exhibiting at Future of Web Apps (FoWA) this week. It was a massive effort to get ready for the event, and we were very hopeful for what we could achieve in terms of exposure and leads as a result of it. We couldn’t have dreamed of what we got though.
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Vodka @ FoWA

I’m currently sitting at our stand in FoWA, and we’re just finishing the setup of it, after Vodka came to our rescue (well we are Scottish after all).
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phhhwooooarh, Oops, I mean FoWA

The countdown to Future of Web Apps (FoWA) is well and truly underway.

The new website is done, the literature has been designed, the preparation for the talks has been, err, nevermind :)

We are all really looking forward to next week though, we finally get to show off what we’ve spent the last 3 years working on, and we also get to catch up with everyone else from the uk web scene as well (especially considering we’ve been invited to the BlogNation launch party the night before, free bar’s are always interesting…) .

Please do drop by and see us at our stand (we’re next to Microsoft!), or feel free to grab one of our lot as they are wandering around (they will all be wearing XCalibre t-shirts).

We will be showing off a demo of our service during the event, so come along and see what you think!


Cheese & Pickle

After all the recent fun we’ve had helping CheddarVision out, I shouldn’t really have been surprised by an e-mail I got recently.

It was from Jim @ Isotope Communications, the people advising CheddarVision, and his first words were ‘we are in a bit of a pickle’. (Hence the title).

They are working with what appears to be the next big viral hit, Big Udder, the Cow Version of Big Brother (some would say that was the last series that was on TV, but I digress…..). It’s already been featured by the BBC, The Times, The Mirror, Channel 4 & Metro at the time of writing.  Unsurprisingly, their traffic was going through the roof, and they needed us to come to the rescue again.

So far the traffic has peaked at over 20 megabits a second, more than enough to kill the average hosted site, but FlexiScale has handled it without a second thought.

I should also thank the people from West County FarmHouse Cheesemakers, for the amazing cheese they sent us this week as a thankyou for CheddarVision, everyone enjoyed it a lot.


A long answer to a very good question

Here’s a really interesting question posted in our forum about Minimum CPU Level. I felt that it needed a thorough answer, so you can read both of them here.
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