It’s alive!

Ok, my last post was a little long, so I’ll try and keep this one slightly easier to read.

After coming up with the idea for what is now FlexiScale, we sat on it for about 18 months or so, because some of the key technologies we needed didn’t exist (Hardware based VT Support etc). Late 2005 we started examining the various technologies that were then becoming available (Xen etc), and then in early 2006 started work on building the platform.
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My Crazy Ideas, The Slashdot effect & Car Racing….

Back in 2004, January 11th to be exact, a website we hosted on one of our shared webservers got mentioned on Slashdot, and promptly caused the webserver in question to be completely overloaded, as 10’s of 1000’s of people tried to access it (to make matters worse, it was very image heavy as well!).
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