Why Service Providers Need to Position for Cloud

Cloud Can't Wait

Recently I came across another service provider that is just now thinking beyond IaaS and how to position for the cloud. In 2016, I’m surprised this is still the case especially given the size of the market. By 2017 the public cloud services market is predicted to exceed $244B. There is a huge cloud service opportunity out there and one that you need to position your business to take. Check out our infographic which offers key statistics and advice for taking advantage of this market opportunity.
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Ultimate Cloud Guide: Virtual Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud

What is actually under the hood of your cloud? Here you’ll read some in-depth technology considerations to cover when you are evaluating your virtual resources.

Virtual resources are portions of the capacity of the physical resources that behave like physical resources, but are provisioned on demand rather than in advance of demand. Types of virtual resource include virtual machines, disks, and snapshots.
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Flexiant January Newsletter: 2016 is The Time for a Reality Check

January newsletter

It’s hard to believe January is almost over. 1/12th of the way through the year, it is time for telcos and cloud service providers to take a hard look at the reality of their cloud offering. If it doesn’t involve value added services, multi-cloud availability or technical expertise beyond IaaS and tin, expect a bumpy revenue line and shrinking customer base in 2016.

To help address these challenges, this month read our predictions for 2016 explaining why raw infrastructure will become even more of a commodity and the reasons behind the growing gap between successful cloud providers and those at risk of becoming ‘also rans’. Learn why organizations want simple and clear cloud relationships as well as more on why 2016 presents the chance to start a new year with a new cloud.

If you are interested in Docker, Spark or Kubernetes, check out some of the resources and tutorials we’ve put together for you.
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Launch an Apache Spark Cluster on Kubernetes in 3 Steps with Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant Concerto

We recently looked at how you can use Flexiant Concerto to get going with Kubernetes in three simple steps, bypassing the investment in time and effort that would otherwise be needed when doing this manually. In that post, we took the commonly used guestbook example as our use case.

Today we will look at how to do this for another, very valuable use case, namely Apache Spark, the open source big data processing framework that runs up to 100x faster than Hadoop.
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The Good Side of Telcos in the Cloud

Good Bad and Ugly of Cloud

Previously we blogged about why telcos in the cloud can be ugly. We showed that there are common reasons why they haven’t fully seized the opportunity. First, telcos focus on network ownership rather than the needs of the existing captive customer base. Next, the telco culture can be prohibitive.

Today we want to talk about the good side of telcos in the cloud. The UK and U.S. SMB cloud services market could be worth more than $22 billion to UK and U.S. service providers collectively. Even better, the market is untapped and willing to participate.
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