Does Multi-Cloud Lead to Cloud Sprawl?


CIO published an article that said “the primary mission of the CIO is no longer to drive competitive advantage by balancing a cadence of enterprise-wide deployments with the ongoing maintenance of legacy infrastructure.” Instead it suggested that “the best CIOs will embrace public cloud technology, free themselves from infrastructure maintenance, and instead focus on ways to increase employee and customer engagement that drive business results.”
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Flexiant and IBM SoftLayer is Put to the Test (without an Army of Consultants)

Flexiant and IBM Softlayer

Here at Flexiant we are happy to accept challenges. Recently we were challenged to perform a live install and configuration of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator in an IBM SoftLayer datacenter. As you will read and see in the short video, this task was accomplished in around 40 minutes. Why is this important?
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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Everyone knows the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In the cloud service market, the same holds true. Your competitors can be a great source of inspiration. The crowded cloud service provider market calls for some analysis to see who your competitors are, what they are doing and learn something from them.

And while it is sometimes easy to get sidetracked by rivalries or defensiveness when working against your competitors, you might be surprised by what they’ll inspire you to do. Here are 5 things you can expect to learn from a little healthy competition.

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Chef Simplified: Helpful Tips for Removing Complexity

Flexiant Concerto

Chef is a fantastic tool, but it can be scary to some as they dig in to get the most out of it. The great news is we are helping to simplify Chef by removing the complexity of deploying Chef cookbooks, making them easily accessible to everyone.
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Why Telcos Need Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Orchestration

Orchestration is key for telcos to quickly and easily increase the variety and number of products they offer. It also keeps them focused on what they do best: selling solutions wrapped with value-added services instead of commodity infrastructure.

“We have seen a lot of telcos rush into cloud, but the infrastructure space is still being dominated by commodity players,” such as Amazon Web Services LLC says GoGrid CEO John Keagy in a LightReading article. After investing tens of millions of dollars creating cloud service platforms, telecom operators need to be able to give their sales teams solid products to sell and “that has been a problem for most of the telcos,” he adds.
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