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Three Reasons to Meet with Flexiant at

Posted on is only one week away. Planning on attending Why not hear how you can create and launch IaaS in days. Meet with Flexiant to hear how you can create cloud services your customers will love. Here are three more reasons to meet with us:


1. Parallels Integration – Parallels providers, carriers and multi-system operators (MSOs) now have easy access to a broader choice of cloud management platforms and virtualization technologies. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Parallels Automation integrate through APS Standard. Service providers using the integrated solution have a unique advantage to rapidly and cost effectively deliver a variety of IaaS services enabled by Flexiant’s unique cloud orchestration capabilities, all provisioned and managed through Parallels Automation.

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How to Take Advantage of the IaaS Market Quickly: Parallels and Flexiant Video

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Announced at the Parallels Summit, Parallels is now a global reseller of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator offering service providers easy access to a broader choice of cloud management platforms and virtualization technologies. 

George Knox, CEO of Flexiant and Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels caught up to talk about why this agreement is the answer to the question many service providers are asking: How can I take advantage of the IaaS market quickly?

Watch the video now…

Flexiant and Parallels

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Posted on is less than a month away. From April 1-3, 2014, we alongside hosters from all over the world will get together to discuss all the challenges and opportunities impacting the hosting industry.

WHD Global- Flexiant

If you are attending, you’ll want to sit in on the session Jim Foley, SVP Market Development, and I are presenting on, 10 Marketing Innovations Every Service Provider Must Know.” On Thursday, April 3rd at 11.45 in the Main Forum, we’ll discuss:

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How Do You Select a Hypervisor?

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We often get asked “Which hypervisor should I use?”. Because Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a hypervisor neutral cloud orchestration platform, we can help our customer’s by answering based on what is a good fit for their business. Which Hypervisor to Select- Flexiant We are not tied to a particular hypervisor; the licensee can choose, subject to the software edition they have purchased, between any of our supported hypervisors. This deliberate policy of hypervisor neutrality allows our customers to make the right choice for their business, as well as support multiple hypervisors within the same deployment. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the same feature set is available on all hypervisors, there are important differences in their integration.
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The Reseller Propeller: What Cloud Providers Need to Propel Their Reseller Channel

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Reseller Propeller

Smart service providers are already gaining reach through other organizations’ existing relationships and resources by maximizing resellers’ vertical and industry-specific expertise and geographic coverage without requiring heavy investment in sales and marketing. Cloud service providers should consider expanding services through the reseller model. This model offers huge possibilities in terms of revenue growth without significant investment to build your own resources and presence.

We asked the question can reselling propel you into the cloud and beyond in our latest infographic. The answer is yes, see why…


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