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Container Technology Can Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure Operations

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We have recently announced the full integration of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator with Parallels Cloud Server virtualization. This is really exciting news. Today I want to answer some questions about container technology, but first call out two things it allows us to do:

  1. Integrate with Parallels container technology
  2. Use container technology to simplify day-to-day tasks for running cloud infrastructures

On to a few questions.

Container Technology

What is a container?

Before I discuss why I think containers offer such an advantage to the service provider, I want to define in my opinion, what is a container.

  • It’s a way to encapsulate services that share the same physical/virtual host but do it so these can be in isolation from one another.
  • It creates an abstraction layer for disk, network and compute which removes all previous knowledge of where the container was hosted.
  • Depending on the technology underneath, containers offer a very minimal overhead in performance and resource utilization.

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