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Advice for Public Cloud Resellers

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Cloud Provider

Looking to offer cloud to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building and maintaining your own infrastructure? Alternatively, are you looking to resell your public cloud services? We’ve put together a library of resources that offer advice for cloud providers wanting to resell services. You’ll get tips on the ‘must haves’ needed to support a reseller channel, see questions you need to ask before partnering with a provider and learn how some companies are already doing it.


Three Questions Resellers Should Ask before Partnering with a Cloud Provider

96 percent of resellers now offer some form of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to their customers to a greater or lesser degree, according to global research.
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Flexiant January Newsletter: 2016 is The Time for a Reality Check

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January newsletter

It’s hard to believe January is almost over. 1/12th of the way through the year, it is time for telcos and cloud service providers to take a hard look at the reality of their cloud offering. If it doesn’t involve value added services, multi-cloud availability or technical expertise beyond IaaS and tin, expect a bumpy revenue line and shrinking customer base in 2016.

To help address these challenges, this month read our predictions for 2016 explaining why raw infrastructure will become even more of a commodity and the reasons behind the growing gap between successful cloud providers and those at risk of becoming ‘also rans’. Learn why organizations want simple and clear cloud relationships as well as more on why 2016 presents the chance to start a new year with a new cloud.

If you are interested in Docker, Spark or Kubernetes, check out some of the resources and tutorials we’ve put together for you.
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This Week’s Best Cloud Insights for Service Providers and Telcos

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Light Bulb

This week, we offer some of the best cloud insights we’ve learned this week from trusted sources. Read why public cloud is growing faster than private and hybrid clouds, why Google hasn’t taken off in the cloud and why many CIOs should be afraid of shadow IT.

Public Cloud Grew Faster Than Both Private And Hybrid Cloud In 2015

As we settle in to 2016, new research from Synergy Research Group has claimed that 2015 was a year where the growth rate for public Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) services hit 51 percent, outgrowing the private and hybrid cloud segment.
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Organizations Want Simple & Clear Cloud Relationships

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Confusing relationships with telcos and cloud service providers are a thing of the past. Users of cloud services want clear and simple relationships with their vendors according to the Future of Cloud Computing study by North Bridge. Three in four companies are using direct or credit card channels with cloud vendors; possibly because when choosing a cloud vendor there is a 50-50 split between ad hoc relationships vs. as part of a strategic plan.

Now consider that 75% of companies are using less than 10 vendors – showing that less is more when it comes to cloud. The reason for this? Cloud expertise matters. 45.9% choose multiple vendors because of their capabilities.
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5 Telco and Cloud Service Provider Predictions for 2016

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Crystal Ball Predictions

We asked our in-house Flexiant cloud experts what they expect to see from cloud computing in 2016. Here are some of our thoughts.

1. Containers become mainstream

In 2016, enterprises will embrace containers and start shifting production workloads onto them. They’ll also start more projects to “containerize” their legacy apps with similar enthusiasm as when they visualized their legacy apps from bare metal.
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