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OPTIMIS Project Delivers!

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It has been a three year long journey, with some challenges along the way, but today Flexiant is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the OPTIMIS collaborative project. This European collaboration was partially funded by the European Commission under FP7 contracts.


OPTIMIS is a cloud-enabling technology designed to simplify cloud application construction, deployment and operation and to optimize the provision and operational management of cloud infrastructure services. It allows intelligent deployment and operational management decisions in hybrid and multi-cloud environments and it enables end-to-end security and data protection compliance. OPTIMIS technology has been validated in business pilots about visual analytics, genomic analysis and cloud security services.

This project presents the fundamentals for a toolkit for scalable and dependable service platforms and architectures that enable flexible and dynamic provisioning of cloud services, known as cloud bursting.

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Future Internet Assembly Dublin 2013

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Recently I attended on behalf of Flexiant the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) 2013. FIA is a research community driven initiative supported by more than 150 research projects that have recognized the need to strengthen European activities to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Craig at FIA

In particular, these projects have identified the urgent need to redesign a significant part of the Internet, taking a broad multidisciplinary approach, to meet European societal, business and technology ambitions.

At Flexiant, our roots are firmly planted in Europe. We strive to deliver a word class product that increases European competiveness and represents the quality of work we can offer as a whole.

This event was extremely useful in providing networking opportunities to allow deeper discussions of ongoing projects to improve European competitiveness.

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Flexiant FP7 Travels

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The team at Flexiant supporting the FP7 initiative has been on the road to support some of the projects to develop the next wave of cloud technology.

Travels- Image provided by TeosaurioIn early March, ‘4CaaSt’ held its General Assembly in Madrid at IMDEA Software headquarters. IMDEA is the latest partner to join the consortium that aims to build an innovative framework for creating, marketing, deploying and managing applications on the cloud, both over platform products and platform as a service.

We visited SAP in Belfast to attend a meeting for the ‘CumuloNimbo’ project to start preparing demos for the final project review. The CumuloNimbo three year project seeks to obtain a highly scalable transactional platform as a service (PaaS).

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