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How an Effective Reseller Strategy Can Help Win the Cloud Race

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Amazon and Rackspace are securing large numbers of cloud services customers internationally because they entered the market quickly and at scale.  If you are a smaller service provider unable to gain similar traction to these giants, how can you gain share in this exponentially expanding market?

It is imperative that businesses today get to market and establish their customer base quickly. Rather than making a large hardware and software and development investment for cloud management, companies should spend their funds more wisely investing in technology that can help differentiate against competition or focus investment heavily on sales and marketing. How exactly can they do this? An effective reseller strategy can be the answer.

This is not always easy. To ensure that your cloud services business is ready to use an effective reseller strategy, our webinar this Thursday will walk you through five critical strategic decisions you must make before executing a reseller strategy in your cloud services business.

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Growing Your Cloud Services Business through Resellers

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It is increasingly common for managed hosting, telco and service providers to drive business growth using indirect sales and marketing models. It is far less common however that these same businesses use this strategy to drive their cloud sales.

With these points in mind, I will present a session at Cloud Expo Europe entitled, ‘Growing Your Cloud Services Business through Resellers’ on Wednesday 30 January from 12.40 – 13.05 GMT.

In my career, both whilst working in the cloud and as my remit as Director of Channels in various roles, I’m often advising on ways to grow cloud services business through resellers.


We will explore why:

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Barb Darrow’s OpenStack Questions Answered

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Last week, Barb Darrow at GigaOM posed eight questions for the “OpenStack cognoscenti” to be answered at OpenStack Summit.

Before I take a stab at answering these, first a bit of background about me so you know my qualifications. I’ve joined Flexiant after seven years at Rackspace working on cloud partnership and alliances across EMEA as well as helping clients build private OpenStack Cloud Infrastructures.

Now, let’s look at the questions:

1. What’s IBM’s play?

IBM is already pitching Cloud technology, however to understand their future, perhaps looking at the history of the on-line banking revolution may provide a bigger clue. There were companies like “Smile” and others who developed green field on-line banking as pioneers. The major banks just sat back and watched. When they realised it was what the customer “desired” only then did they rise like sleepy giants from hibernation to either build or acquire on-line capability. The floodgates opened when customer realised the bank would compensate them for fraud, it became “safe” online which created trust and Banks could save money by automating large parts of their high street transactions. Will the same happen with Cloud; who do you trust?

2. Who’s on Jonathan Bryce’s dream team?

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