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Expand your market reach

Resellers can open your business to new lines of revenue by giving you access to markets you would otherwise have not been able to reach, and on a larger scale. They are a critical part of a successful cloud provider strategy.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator offers:

  • Brandable Control Panel for each reseller to design based on their brands
  • Product control over what is sold, how it is priced, billed and payment collected
  • Scalability across multiply geographies and support for any currency and various languages

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Empower your customers

With Flexiant, empower your customers to:

  • Build their own servers, configure them, deploy them
  • Select the resource they need, when they need it
  • Enable them to be agile and respond instantly to changing business demand

By empowering your customers, you can realize significant savings from reduced admin costs to increased speed to market, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Differentiate against the competition

Different customers have different needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to help you succeed in the highly competitive cloud space. Your understanding of your specialized market gives you a great opportunity to differentiate yourselves by offering cloud services that appeal to your target customers.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is designed to make this as effective as possible.

With our integrated billing system you and your resellers can choose exactly what you sell and how you charge for it.

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Create value

As the cloud market becomes increasingly commoditized, it is critical for cloud providers to ensure that they are offering something over and above pure Infrastructure as a Service. If you are to avoid getting caught up into price wars, you will need to be adding value that can justify charging a higher price.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator gives you the tools you need to do this.

  • Take advantage of our 1-click deployable Infrastructure Blueprints feature which offers off-the-shelf templates that you design to meet your customers’ specific needs.
  • Our plugins feature makes it easy for you to extend your offering to include best of breed third party functionality.
  • Save your customer time and complexity with our image library, making it easier to consume your services.
  • Sell your cloud services as a managed service offering using Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

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