Development Philosophy

We come from a service provider background, and we have been involved in the development and evolution of the service provider industry for nearly two decades. This gives us a unique insight that drives our development roadmap.

As a result our customers benefit from feature rich solutions that support the complexity of their businesses in a manner that is simple, efficient and scalable. Our service provider customers also view our software as the critical tool that gives them the ability to create differentiated offerings.

Our software development activities are driven by the following beliefs



Service providers do not need a one size fits all, black box solution. They need a solution that is flexible enough to fit in with their existing business and drives business growth. That flexibility may come through being agnostic to hypervisor, storage, server solutions, or through our product management and billing options, or even our customisable user interface.



Our customers want to differentiate by adding value to our solutions; through industry knowledge, partner integrations, or through integration with existing products and services. By ensuring we build powerful fully featured web services we allow our solutions to be extended in many directions and our growing ecosystem of technology partnerships make it significantly easier for our customers to configure and extend the revenue generating services that they take to market.



Above all, Flexiant believes in delivering solutions that although powerful and capable, are still simple to use and understand. Flexiant believes that the key to adoption of new services is the innovation and simplification of how those services are delivered. This has been achieved by us doing the hard work of deeply architecting our software to handle complexity so that our customers do not need to do so.



Service providers require solutions that are more flexible, more capable and especially more scalable than traditional enterprise solutions. With a firm focus on service providers, we build all of our solutions to deliver significant scale benefits compared to traditional enterprise solutions.


Cost Effectiveness

We know that there are wide variances in the cost of different vendor solutions; be that compute, storage, networks or software. We approach this with a customer hat on. We aim to give service providers the ability to select and work seamlessly with a range of vendors without compromising quality of service or experience. Equally, we understand the desire to be more productive and efficient and to do ‘more with the same’ so we continuously seek opportunities to automate, streamline and simplify processes. In this way we help the productivity of service providers explode while reducing the required IT footprint and associated costs. Many service providers acknowledge that cloud orchestration is the tool that helps them achieve very large cost savings, efficiency gains and larger margins. This is central to our software development philosophy.

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