Leading service providers and others have chosen Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as the solution that will deliver the agility they need to quickly respond to market opportunity and satisfy demand.

Over 95 customers are now benefitting directly from the use of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

Weserve- Flexiant Customer

Robert Nijhof, Weserve B.V. explains why they selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to manage its multi-datacenter cloud solution from one platform.


Oswald Guobadia, Managing Director, Africa Cloud Services explains why they chose Flexiant as the right partner to sell public cloud services across Africa.

Rajinder Basi, Emnet

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, Emnet now gives customers’ control and flexibility over cloud computing usage and costs while delivering on unique vertical requirements.


Learn how Computerlinks uses Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.


Apostolos Lambrianides explains why Boston LTD. chose Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to provide an end to end IaaS platform that allows end user to deploy complete public, private or hybrid clouds.

IS Group

Learn why IS Group has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as the foundation for its on-demand, fully automated cloud services.


Victor Schmedding of Cloudwork, a cloud services integrator, explains why they have adopted to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to help sell, deploy and market cloud services.


Richard Warner explains why Interxion partnered with Flexiant to deliver a highly customisable solution for the European market.


Find out how service provider ITEX increases revenue by offering cloud based services with Cloud Orchestrator.


Mark Smurthwaite explains how Flexiant’s software enabled TransEnt to cut to the market in a quick and effective manner., a public cloud provider in Denmark, explain how they built a scalable cloud infrastructure using Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

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