About Flexiant

Flexiant is a leading provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services

Flexiant offers our customers the most advanced cloud orchestration software in the market. We have some of the best technical experts and industry thought leaders working at Flexiant, but our focus is not on technology (even though we create industry leading software). Our focus and vision is on understanding the cloud services market and how service providers and telecom operators must innovate and differentiate to deliver cloud services that organizations love. We arm our customers with a platform that helps turn innovative ideas into revenue generating services quickly and easily.

With Flexiant, you’ll be in a position to win the war on the cloud battlefield.

Flexiant’s cloud orchestration software gives cloud service providers business agility as well as the freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure servers, simply and cost-effectively.

We have created and will continue to create, the best cloud orchestration software available in the market. Our clients will be among the first to seize the opportunities of cloud computing as the industry evolves.

Benefits of working with Flexiant


Background & Heritage

We have a proven heritage, dating back to 1997, in both the service provider industry and the cloud orchestration space, having been involved in the industry since its very beginning.

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Software differentiation

Flexiant’s technology has been in active use since 2007 and is an established, mature, fully featured solution. We firmly believe that no other vendor can match the capabilities of our software and our expertise. We will not lock you in to a proprietary solution or give you a toolkit of incomplete components. We will deliver a cost effective solution, which is flexible and extensible enough to drive your business forward fully supported.

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Market Vision

Flexiant has been at the forefront of delivering cloud orchestration software solutions since before the term ‘cloud’ was even being used. We continuously deliver new features and functionality to lead the way in cloud technologies.


Development Philosophy

We think like our customers and we understand the complexities of the service provider market. This shapes the development approaches we take and the guiding philosophy that drives Flexiant.

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Our leadership team is a thought leader in cloud computing and is steeped in all aspects of software and services development, customer relationships and scalable business growth. The focus and stability that this creates is important to service providers when considering who to partner with to realise the benefits of cloud services.

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Financial Stability

Flexiant has been involved in cloud computing for over five years and is substantially revenue generating. Flexiant also benefits from a supportive European investor community and enthusiastic customer base.

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Partner Ecosystem

Flexiant recognises that service providers need to quickly create and market differentiated cloud services designed to meet the specific needs of individual markets and customers. In many cases this requires engaging with multiple vendor solutions. Flexiant has simplified this by pre-selecting and partnering with a range of leading cloud technology companies. In most cases we have developed a degree of integration and interoperability between our software and that of our partners. This makes it significantly easier for our clients to identify and build new services; drawing from a wide array of Flexiant partner solutions.Not only does this save time and money but it also enables more rapid innovation and new revenue generation.

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Flexiant, along with others, is at the heart of advanced European cloud research through a number of FP7 projects. These are designed to advance industry capability through collaborative research with leaders in the field. The knowledge and relationships gained in this work give Flexiant a unique ability to advise clients on the future direction of the industry and to directly improve our product development roadmaps.

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Our customers are competing more effectively by developing their own unique, differentiated services with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. With Flexiant, our customers are generating more revenue and accelerating their growth.

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